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Even though it may get a bit expensive to treat people on one’s birthday, it’s always nice to make people happy on your special day. For Pinoys, the go-to celebration is eating out. This year, these are the places where I celebrated my birthday with family and friends:

Wee Nam Kee
Ayala Triangle Gardens

Last Saturday, I treat my family to Wee Nam Kee, one of the most popular restaurants in Ayala Triangle Gardens. I’ve only had the chance to eat there twice; and it was always packed! This day was no different. Good thing I made reservations for dinner, good for 20pax. Yup, that’s how huge my family is.

We ordered the specialties: roast chicken, steamed chicken and cereal prawns. We also ordered crispy noodles for good luck, since it’s my birthday. Fried rice, steamed fish and spinach soup completed the meal, with free sambal kangkong care of Citibank.

After dinner, everyone was full and happy! We got frozen yogurt from Golden Spoon to cap off the night. Yummy!

Chocolate Fire
Salcedo Village, Makati

Last night, I had another celebration, now with workmates, at Chocolate Fire. I’ve wanted to check this place out for the longest time. It was the perfect choice to relax and indulge in some sweets after a hard day’s work.

I think we tried a bit of everything: Chocolate Ganache Cake, Strawberry Sunrise Sundae, chocolate cocktails (Sneaky Strudel & Chocolada), Dipped Pringles, Iced Chocolate, Milkshake, the list goes on and on. We were just ooh-ing and mmm-ing the entire time. Sarap! I wish I had taken pictures; but for now, you just have to take my word for it.