Say something fresh!

This is the latest project I was involved in. It is an MTV for Colgate Fresh Confidence’s Fresh U Project featuring Nikki Gil and Billy Crawford. The song is entitled “Sana Bukas.”

This video took us two long days to shoot, with a couple of weeks editing  to finish. It’s directed by Marie Jamora, with director of photography Odie Flores, and production designer Trinka Lat. Production house: Straight Shooters Media, Inc. Post house: Zap! Visual Effects.

Mounting this project was a huge endeavor; but I’m happy to see the finish product. I think we pulled it off!

A couple of interesting things about the video:
– Some day effect scenes here were shot during the night time. Could you identify which is which?
– We shot in two separate locations: St. James College in QC and L’Orchard in Antipolo.
– The entire market scene was set-up completely from scratch. The production designer sourced out real sellers from weekend markets to place booths in our shoot. The shoot felt like an actual weekend market; because stall owners sold their stuff as we were shooting. We had barbecue, palamig, sorbetes, cotton candy and much more. Unfortunately, the cool t-shirts on display weren’t on sale.
– The band featured behind Nikki and Billy is Chilitees.
Colgate Fresh Confidence is in partnership with RockEd Philippines for The Fresh U Project. Learn more about the organization here.

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