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You might as well call me “The Girl Who Loses Things”

I can’t count how many times something valuable was stolen, snatched or lost from under my nose. It seems like it’s just part of my nature to lose stuff. I’ve somehow come to accept that it’s just this way (which is sad and unhealthy, I know). I’m simply thankful none of these incidents led to a life-or-death situation. That could have led to so much worse than lost personal property.

In one of my recent shoots, my laptop was stolen. My Compaq 12″ laptop, which had all my pictures and important files, was snatched from the dressing room of our talents. All it took was a small window of opportunity where no one was in the room; and a huge scene featuring all talents on the set, for my precious laptop to get swiped. Despite efforts to try and trace who took it, there were just too many people and too little time to narrow down suspects. It’s just one of the risks involved in big shoots, tons of talents and very little security. Too bad I was the victim… 😦

my old laptop: Compaq CQ20-326TU

I was devastated. I had accumulated quite a number of important files in that computer, including photos from a shoot in El Nido, Palawan. They were now gone. (*wah*) The laptop has been with me for over two and a half years without much problem, so it was a durable piece of equipment. It had a couple of years of life left, if only it wasn’t stolen. I just hope karma gets the thief… and SOON. Such is life, though, and I resolved not to buy a replacement until I’m ready. I settled for my mother’s Toshiba netbook in the meantime; because it’s an essential thing to have for my work.

After a few weeks had passed, I’ve decided to buy a new laptop. The netbook was slowing down; and I didn’t want to hog it for longer than I have. I only had two conditions, that my new investment should (1) be light and (2) have an optical drive. All stars aligned when I found out about Toshiba Portege.

It is a beautiful piece of gadget. It has the new generation Core i5 processor, 640gb hard disk drive, and optical drive at a whopping 3.2 pounds! My search for the most affordable option was short. I found a good deal with an online seller, HotPHDeals. After less than two weeks, I got my brand new Portege.

my new laptop: Toshiba Portege R835-P56X

I’ve been using it for over a week; and I must say… I love it! It’s slim and lightweight without sacrificing size, power, design and functionality. I couldn’t believe how light it is compared to most laptops. The boot up and shut down speeds are great; and the battery life lasts a whole day (between 6-8 hours).

I’m now trying my best to forget what I lost with my Compaq… and focusing all my energies on my new Portege. I can’t say I’ve completely moved on; but I’m happy with my new purchase. Hopefully, this will be with me for much longer. Bad luck and bad vibes, begone!