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It’s been a long time since I played games on Facebook. I last played Wheel of Fortune a couple of weeks ago; and even that got tiring. I never got into Farmville, and at most I was addicted to Cafe World. However, it got repetitive after a while especially when I’ve reached the higher levels and there wasn’t much else to work for.

The other day, I discovered The Sims Social on Facebook. The brand name Sims is in itself something that pulled me to try out the game… no questions asked. It’s currently in its beta stage, so it’s fairly new. At first, it took too long to load so I didn’t enjoy it that much. But for the past couple of days, game play has improved; and I’ve progressed quite well because it’s so addictive.

The Sims Social comes close to the real game in that you get to customize the look of your Sim, earn money, buy outfits, design your house, learn different skills and build (or ruin) relationships with neighbors who, in this case, are your Facebook friends. The catch is, you have limited game play in that you run out of energy (which recharges every 5 minutes); and you have to ask for help from friends to accomplish certain tasks. Even your furniture needs some building before you could use it.

Despite these differences with the real Sims game, it still brought me back to college when I would spend hours on end staring at my PC and making my Sim as successful and rich as possible. I also remember obsessing over my house design and making it as huge as I could make it. The Sims Social has me hooked. Every time I think that I’ve recharged enough energy, I log in and play again. I’m loving it. I hope it sustains my interest for the foreseeable future.

Here’s a short trailer to pique your curiosity about the game. The community is quickly growing so don’t get left behind. Play now!