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Show 1 of 25: FRIENDS

it’s about:
Who doesn’t know Friends? This show that ran for 10 seasons has become a part of pop culture… is a classic… is totally awesome, etc. etc. The series basically revolved around six friends living in New York. Each episode, we’re thrust into their seemingly mundane lives and got drowned in the comedy, the drama and the little “hooks” that make viewers love Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey.

my earliest history with the show:
I remember watching Friends when it was still on ABC 5. The local station was about one to two seasons behind. My sister and I tuned in every single week. Even if they were repeats, we never got tired of watching them. Most of the more “adult” jokes were lost on me (although I get them more now that I’m older); but overall, the relationships and the story arcs they came up with got me attached to the group of characters. I wanted to be the sixth “friend.” Who didn’t?

why it sticks:
Given the 10 years that Friends was on air, I feel like I know each and every character personally. From their family life to their relationship histories… From greatest fears to regrettable hairstyles… I witnessed them all, especially after watching and re-watching all the episodes. The ins and outs of each and every season are forever in my brain. That’s how much I’m attached.

Even if the show has ended over 6 years ago, it still holds a special place in my heart. It’s the first show I ever really stuck with from beginning to end, with characters that I never got tired of. Even seeing the actors in new or existing projects makes me excited. Any opportunity that puts two or more of them together, I’ll tune in. That’s how much I love the show. To this day, I wish the show would have some sort of reunion show or movie (even if the actors say that’s unlikely).

best memory:
It’s so hard to choose. But from my recollection, the episode “The One Where Everybody Finds Out” made me laugh the hardest. I remember not being able to breathe after the scene where Phoebe dances for Chandler. That whole episode was just hilarious from beginning to end.

*This is a repost of an old entry. Since I’m starting this project over on this site, I might as well start from the beginning.