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Show 4 of 25: METEOR GARDEN

it’s about:
Four guys and one strong girl. Shan Cai is a poor student studying in a prestigious school ruled by F4, a group of the most popular, richest and most handsome young men in the university. Shan Cai caught their attention, and not in a good way, when she defended a friend against the group. She was terrorized and bullied; but her persistence and strength persevered… In the process gaining the respect of F4 and falling in love with Dao Ming Si, the group’s leader.

my earliest history with the show:
Fourth year high school courtesy of the girl sitting near me in class… I got curious about Meteor Garden when I saw her DVD collection. She lent me the first DVD over the weekend. I breezed through that one in no time. I begged for the rest of the episodes come Monday; and finished all 19 episodes soon after. As a bonus, my whole family got hooked as well.

why it sticks:
This is the first Asian series I’ve ever watched; and the fact that I viewed it from beginning to end in full Mandarin made me very proud of myself.

The story itself is very memorable. It is based from the Japanese manga Hana Yori Dango; but the show took some liberties on the execution and treatment. There’s a good mix of romance, comedy and drama in this series. I found myself laughing one minute and crying my eyes out in the next. I loved it. It’s the sort of emotional roller coaster that gets me attached to a show. Not much can be said about the acting; but the story propels everything forward. Also, it may get cheesy in some parts; but I need some cheese every now and then.

Also, when the series became a phenomenon here in the country, it jumpstarted the Asianovela invasion. It’s a great feeling when you witness something like this crossing bridges and penetrating local pop culture. The world indeed becomes smaller.

best memory:
Key scenes come to mind when recalling this series: the kidnapping scene, when Shan Cai jumped in front of Dao Ming Si as he was about to be hit with a chair… the finale scene where only a door separates Shan Cai and Dao Ming Si… the countless kissing scenes (kilig!). The list just goes on and on.

It’s definitely a show that made its mark in my young adult life; and I will never forget it… ever.