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I haven’t bought any sort of movie guide in the past; but this particular book caught my eye.

And at Php255, with an additional 20% off, I grabbed it.

I bought this book as a self-confessed fan of chick flicks. This is a genre mostly scoffed at by the typical film junkie. However, it’s an important category to look at; because 50% of the population (women) love it. Lately, we’ve been getting a bunch of chick flicks that are, to put it bluntly, horrible. But there’s that rare moment when one or two movies stand out and make a mark… A recent one that comes to mind is Crazy, Stupid, Love.

This book was published in 2004… a long time ago; but I probably would’ve encountered any chick flick after that year. Flipping through the pages, I can already tell it’s extensive. I see titles of my all-time favorites, some movies that I hated, flicks that I intentionally avoided, some that I’ve been wanting to watch as well as some old movies that I haven’t heard of before. What’s great is that it doesn’t limit itself to romantic comedies. After all, any movie… whether it be a period movie, fantasy, sci-fi… has the potential to be a chick flick.

It’s the ultimate movie guide for someone like me. Of course, I’m not planning on watching each and every one. It’s just something that might come in handy on that rare night or two when I feel like crying, laughing or just falling in love on my bed in front of the television.