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“the quarter-life crisis revolves around the parent — the sinking feeling that a certain path might lead to what you don’t want to become or, on the other hand, what you want to become.”
– Raymond Ang, “Reality bites, so bite back”

This guy hit the nail on the head.

I read the article in The Philippine Star a little while ago. It caught my eye because of the name Veronica Mars, a character in a show I love so dearly. It started with a reference to her thoughts on Alexander Pope’s “An Essay on Man,” which is simply, “Life’s a bitch until you die.” This coming from a teenager… a teenager on television, of course… but a teenager, nonetheless. It may be cynical. It may be “dark.” But at its core, I believe it’s true.

I’m saying this after my optimistic little birthday entry. Go figure.

His piece then goes on about our generation’s fixation on the quarter-life crisis and how it may have been a result of technology and the vast number of ways we can pursue an endeavor. It can get pretty confusing. Personally, I’ve chosen one path since graduating, but I’m still not sure how long I could and would stay on this career track. I love doing a number of things; and I know that I’ve held back on certain interests in pursuit of getting ahead with this job. This is where the line I’ve quoted above is spot on.

I’ve asked myself a number of times if I’m on the right track. Is this turning me into what I want to become in life? I sometimes love what I do. I sometimes hate what I do. Does this mean I should get up and leave or should I stick with it? Should I be doing more? Question after question after question. It sucks thinking these things. And I never feel good as I’m running down every single one. This is the quarter-life crisis we’re all talking about.

How do I deal? Simple. I do my best to ignore these questions and just live my life. I may go back to them from time to time… pondering… wondering… But at the end of the day, I’m living with my decisions. Whatever may come of it, bring it on. Get past the bad stuff to get to the good stuff. If I think I’m missing out on some things because of the course that I’ve taken, I just suck it up and move on. After all, if I try to take on too many things, I might kill myself sooner… then I won’t enjoy this bitch of a life longer.