I rarely go out of town for long weekends; but this recent one had 4 days. Wonderful. It was a good opportunity to do some bonding.

I spent the past few days in Magalawa Island, Zambales and Subic, Olongapo. It was a fairly rainy and gloomy holiday… never ideal. Still, it was good and enjoyable overall. I won’t exactly chronicle the past 3 days I spent with some co-workers.  Much of what we did, said and shared shouldn’t be broadcast in any way… ever. Still, I have some quick thoughts to share:

  • Your experience does not lie on where you spend your holidays. It’s in the company you’re with.
  • A cold, dark, rainy night is just as good as a quiet night when it comes to sharing stories and exchanging ideas.
  • Roughing it definitely has its ups and downs; but focus on enjoying it. It all depends on your outlook and attitude. Just be “game” on taking on anything and everything. Whether pleasant or not… In the end, you may simply chalk it up to additional life experience.
  • Never pass up a good photo op if the view is absolutely gorgeous and cinematic. Even if it’s raining! Just SMILE.
  • Sleep should be the least of your priorities. You can catch up on that when you get home. Soak up on the surroundings and the ambience. Share as much stories and jokes as you can. Make the most of it; because when you get back, it’s impossible to find time and do such things.
  • Document. Document. Document. Whether good or bad, reviewing any sort of experience frame by frame on your camera is a LOT of fun. BUT, make sure to keep the experiences you shared private if necessary. Certain things are better kept among friends.

A lot more thoughts are going through my head; but this is enough sharing for my “wholesome” blog. *laughter in my head*

That’s basically it. Anyway, I hope YOU had a good long weekend. Back to work!