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This is the first and only short film I was involved in. It’s called “The Howl and the Fussyket.” This film stars a bright young actor named Gerald Pesigan, with Eugene Domingo, Dennis Padilla and Kiray Celis as co-stars.

It started as a story proposal in the last quarter of 2010 for Nestlé Philippines and their planned film anthology for mid-2011. Director Chris Martinez had in mind a “Rocky” type story set in the midst of a competitive grade school declamation contest. Thus, Aaron Lumibao’s story was born.

The Howl and the Fussyket mood board

This film has a simple story with a brilliant script. In the end, unfortunately, we had to cut certain key scenes (Note: I’m trying to see if we can get permission to release these deleted scenes.) to make up for running time. It was heartbreaking for us; but in the end, audiences still gave great feedback with this finish product.

We were fortunate enough to put together an amazing cast… A feat that was tiring, stressful and overall challenging. Organizing, producing and shooting the whole thing was another thing.

The entire film was shot in 3 days: one day in a house in Pateros, one day in Pateros Elementary School and one day in Amoranto QC Auditorium. Compared to TV commercials, a film is so much more challenging logistically, especially with a cast of actors that each have their own schedules, and a budget that is quite limited. Everything has to be planned perfectly in order to ensure a smooth running shoot. I won’t get into all the troubles we went through with this project; but just trust me when I say I don’t want to go through something like this anytime soon. Still, seeing the final product and hearing the wonderful feedback more than make up for the hardships and headaches this film gave me and my staff.

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