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Show 5 of 25: BETTER OFF TED

it’s about:
A huge and evil corporation named Veridian Dynamics… We witness its everyday inner workings through the eyes of Research & Development Head Ted Crisp, his team as well as his boss Veronica Palmer.

my earliest history with the show:
I eagerly awaited the series based on the following teaser for the show:

What can I say? It looked really smart, offbeat and funny… something different from the usual comedies. So I watched when it premiered and wasn’t disappointed. I watched the series until its untimely demise only two seasons after.

why it sticks:
I can’t declare that there’s absolutely no other show like it… But as far as my extensive viewing of various television series is concerned, there’s no other show like it. It’s unique. The humor is refreshing, bordering on flat out hilarious. This satire hits the right notes without getting too political or corny. In fact, it satirizes political correctness at some point. That’s how bold and different it is.

The cast is made up of such characters as well. You have the boss who literally has no emotions. You have the scientists who will do anything to keep Ted impressed and happy. You have the love interest slash corporate drone who hates her job and the company. Ted seems like the only normal one; but that’s mostly because of his daughter keeping him grounded.

At its core, the show is simply a hilarious take on corporate life. I may not be able to relate to them; but I do get the humor in it. Once in a while, we hear of corporations who conduct practices that go against their public image… And that’s what this series makes fun of. Veridian Dynamics itself becomes an important character in the series. Its questionable practices, funny approach to issues, and the overall corporate culture serve up some of the best comedy. The writing is sharp and clever. The cast is brilliant. The series may have been short; but Better Off Ted demonstrated what a comedy could be and how far it could go.

best memory:
Season 1, Episode 12: “Jabberwocky”

Ted moves some budget around to fulfill Linda’s (his love interest) wish of doing a “green” project for the company. After all, despite doing a corporate ad about Veridian Dynamics going “green,” they’re not actually doing it. Upon noticing the blip in the budget,Veronica started questioning what the project was. To cover it up, Ted makes up Jabberwocky followed by the line, “You don’t know about Jabberwocky?” Of course, Veronica is too proud to admit she didn’t know what Jabberwocky was.

News about Jabberwocky got bigger and bigger. No one, not even the higher ups, wants to admit not knowing what it actually is that things got out of hand. Ted finally admits to Veronica the truth when they were tasked to make a presentation about the project. What they came up with to present this project that doesn’t exist is simply brilliant. BRILLIANT. In the end, still no one knows what the hell Jabberwocky is…

The whole episode is funny. This stood out and made me love this show. If you do have a chance to catch an episode, watch this one.