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I had a bit of time to kill before work today; because our schedule got moved. So I decided to pass by Glorietta and finally buy the shoes I’ve been eyeing on for a while.

Angelfish Slip-On Boat Shoe

… and the magic number is now 24 shoes.

Shortly after my shoe post a few days back, I’ve bought a new pair. This time, it’s a boat shoe that’s amazingly comfortable once you slip it in… perfect for work and recreation. Sperry Top-siders only recently became available in the Philippines; and I’m glad that one of the most accessible shoe stores in the country decided to make the brand available in their stores.

This particular shoe style first caught my eye back in September. I saw them on display at Shoe Salon Robinson’s Ermita. It’s blue. The style is cute and casual. The bottom is so soft! I resolved to buy it after my latest 3-day shoot… something I do for myself as reward after some good old hard work.

And so… Shoot done + brand new month + time to kill = new shoes! Simple as that.

I haven’t bought any boat shoes… I’m happy to finally own one! I can’t wait to wear it to work.