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“I want to put a ding in the universe.” – Steve Jobs (1955-2011)

In celebration of Steve Jobs’ legacy, I would like to share how his pioneering spirit has become a part of my life.

iPod Touch (4th Generation)

I may be a Windows/PC user; and I may have resisted the allure of an iPod since the classic model many years ago. However, when this came out, I knew it was time to own my first Apple gadget. In the past year that I owned one, the iPod has changed the way I listen to music. It has changed the way I access data and share my daily life. It has introduced me to innovative apps, games and opened me up to the endless possibilities of such a thin and powerful device.

 Pixar Animation Studios

Pixar changed animation; and Steve Jobs had the foresight to invest in the company when it was just a graphics branch at Lucasfilm. I have watched most, if not all, of Pixar’s films; and each of them has raised the bar for all other animated features that followed suit. It has showed me how powerful animation could be; and that story had to be at the forefront in order to make magic happen on screen. The technology was just an added bonus; and what a beautiful technology it was.

In the advertising industry alone, Apple is all over as well. Editing with the Final Cut Pro. Macbooks in the office. iPhones in almost everyone’s hand. iPads during shoots. It’s hard to imagine our world without these devices and technology.

I know I’m not a big Apple user; but Steve Jobs has somehow become a part of my life. What more for the millions of Apple followers all over the world? He was a genius and a brilliant man. That can’t be denied; and the world is mourning this loss.

RIP Steve Jobs. You were more than a ding in the universe.