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Show 8 of 25: SMALLVILLE

it’s about:
A young Clark Kent (aka Superman) and his coming-of-age story set in Smallville, Kansas. We witness first loves, first powers and the discovery of his origins.

my earliest history with the show:
I read about this series around 2002; and the concept alone got me interested. Superman as a teenager? Bring it on! Luckily, a classmate shared some episodes with me; and I seriously loved them. From then on, I tuned in.

why it sticks:
I have to admit offhand, I didn’t stick with this show. I stopped watching after Michael Rosenbaum (Lex Luthor) left. The show kind of dipped in quality in the later seasons. Still, this show means a lot to me mainly because of everything it pushed me to learn and discover through the course of my Smallville fanaticism.

I loved this show, especially through the first five seasons. I watched every episode faithfully. I kept up with news and spoilers on the Internet. I followed websites, joined forums, downloaded music from the show. I was into it wholeheartedly. I even started a fan site, which introduced me to other fans around the country and the world. Through it all, I learned the wonderful world of the web and its endless possibilities. I learned how to create websites, sustain galleries, even moderate forums. These introduced me to more shows, more variety. It was the spark that led me to my obsession with television shows. It’s this influence that stuck with me until now; and I’ll never forget Smallville for it.

best memory:

Smallville introduced me to appreciating music from television shows. I never noticed them before; but this particular scene pushed me to track down the song that was featured. The music is just perfect for the scene and the ending, I couldn’t help but be moved. It’s one of my favorite scenes from the show. I’m tearing up a bit just re-watching it. By the way, the song is “Everything” by Lifehouse. Loved it.

It was also with this show that I realized how powerful season finales could be. With Smallville, finales are almost always an event. It will undoubtedly be a cliffhanger; but I looked forward to it nonetheless. Other people hated the thought of waiting; but I loved it. The art of the season finale is something that should be appreciated and talked about. It’s what keeps fans hanging on until the show comes back four months after the fact. It has to be big. It has to stick.

One of my favorite season finales has got to be this scene from “Covenant.” The music and the visuals are just so powerful. I remember watching it and getting chills. Most importantly, the speculation and anticipation sustained me until the next season.