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Show 9 of 25: VERONICA MARS

it’s about:
Veronica Mars is a high school student who moonlights as a private detective under the guidance of her father Keith. He is a disgraced sheriff who accused the most influential family in Neptune, California of covering up the murder of their daughter Lily, Veronica’s best friend. She thus became an outcast in the community, shunned by friends and the “popular” crowd. This pushed her to focus on solving mysteries for others, at the same time uncovering clues that leads to what really happened the night her friend was killed.

my earliest history with the show:
This is one of the series I started watching on local cable. It wasn’t a popular show; but the online buzz surrounding it made me curious. I tuned in during its premiere; and I wasn’t disappointed. It’s not your run-of-the-mill teen series. It is dark. It is smartly-written. It has a kick-ass female character in the lead. I was ALL IN; and where the series took me… simply unforgettable.

why it sticks:
The writing is brilliant. It is full of snark and witty dialogue; but it’s not afraid to go dark in order to capture the noir aspect of the show. Through the course of the series, we are able to examine a town that on the outside may seem squeaky clean but is actually full of secrets more sinister than you could imagine. Each episode peels layer after layer of the social inequality and the dirty politics that goes on in Neptune. I wouldn’t want to live there; but I can’t stop watching it.

The cast and characters are simply amazing. Kristen Bell shines as the title character; and Enrico Colantoni plays his fatherly role well. Their chemistry as father and daughter is sweet but realistic. Their relationship is at the heart of the show; and we see it week after week. The supporting actors Jason Dohring (Logan), Percy Daggs III (Wallace), Francis Capra (Eli), Tina Majorino (Mac), Michael Muhney (Sheriff Lamb), among others, are brilliant as well.

The first season is close to flawless, with an explosive finale that made me love the show SO MUCH. Despite weaker seasons in succeeding years, it was still better than most of the television shows in circulation at that time. It is one of the best shows in the past decade; and it’s an opinion I share with other more reputable critics.

Lastly, the central love-hate relationship between Veronica and Logan made the show all the more interesting for me. I loved it. Sure, it was a train wreck in so many ways but that’s what epic love stories are made of, right? That relationship made me ache in more ways than one. Seriously.

Veronica Mars is a show unlike anything I’ve ever encountered on television. It’s quick and funny; but it’s able to strike a balance with the darkness and the drama. Comparisons to Alias and Buffy may be unavoidable; but at the end of the day, Veronica Mars is unique in its own way. The show gave me a strong female character who still had her flaws, making her all the more interesting and real. It taught me how to weave through clues, making me a smarter, more critical viewer. Most importantly, the show’s ambitious storytelling and complex mystery arcs build up to a satisfying end; and I really appreciated that. This show will forever be one of my all-time favorites.

best memory:
Like I mentioned above, the central romantic relationship in the show (called LoVe for Logan & Veronica) made me ache; and this was what started it all. I screamed during this scene. Right before watching this sequence, I had this idea in the back of my head that Logan and Veronica could be an interesting couple. I couldn’t believe it DID happen just when I was thinking it. Epic! One of the best moments ever on this show.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tv8WdaVOMQo]

Another one of my best memories from the show has got to be watching the season one finale. The whole episode is just amazing. It capped off the mystery with a surprising but satisfying conclusion. Flawlessly written. Wonderfully executed.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nn2u-UGELj8]