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Here are some of my purchases the past week… Yes, some is the key word. This is one of the consequences of not keeping busy with projects. There’s nothing else to do but shop and spend my hard-earned money. Still, I promise that I’m keeping expenses in check and living within my means. Besides, some of what I bought are just TMI (too much information) if shared, and others are products subject to trial or testing before I (may or may not) write about them.

 (counter-clockwise from left: red dress from DP, shorts from Bench, and jacket from F21)

red dress

I have between 3-4 dresses in my closet. I rarely buy them. I barely have a need to wear them. I fit this dress in black at first; but being Fil-Chi, I might not be able to use it as much for appropriate occasions. I went with this dark red dress instead. The color is bold, I know; but the style and fit is great for me. It’s also got a classic look. I think it could go with black leggings and boots, or it may be worn with a pair of simple heels. Plus, I won’t have a problem looking for something to wear to a birthday celebration!

Anyway, it wasn’t my intention at first; but looking at it again this morning, it reminded me of Jenna’s dress for the formal in Awkward‘s season finale (inset photos above). Cute!


Having enough jeans in my wardrobe, I’m now looking for more shorts. It’s only now that I’m getting used to wearing them in public. This one’s loose and comfortable, great for casual everyday wear.

black varsity jacket

I wanted to order a personalized varsity jacket online at first; but buying this off the rack is so much more convenient. There are a lot of stores selling varsity jackets now. What I like about this one is that it’s simple. The material’s not too thick, just right for Philippine weather. It doesn’t have those huge, bold letters in front (because I’m not that young anymore); and it’s really comfortable to wear (fabric inside is silky).