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Before going home from the Ad Congress, we decided to take a trip to Mayon Volcano. It proved to be well worth our time. The volcano is no longer a perfect cone; but it is still beautiful. It was a bit cloudy when we got there; but it didn’t stop us from taking pictures. Let me share with you the sights we took in:

We had to walk a certain distance to get a good view of the volcano due to the damage done by recent typhoons. We crossed a makeshift bridge and passed a running river on the way.

Once we got there, the volcano was half-covered by clouds. We took some pictures but decided to stay and wait for the skies to clear up a bit. Thankfully, the waiting paid off. It looks amazing…

After our Mayon Volcano experience, we stopped by Embarcadero de Legazpi for lunch and got through the Global Gutz Zipline. For only Php150, it would be crazy not to go on it. The line goes over the sea and is approximately 350 meters. As we got closer and closer to the top, the windy air became stronger and stronger. I was pretty scared; but we were already there so I had no other choice but to do it… And I did! It was pretty awesome.

We really enjoyed ourselves. It was a short day trip; but a good one. Never pass up a short detour because there are a lot of great places to explore. And when you’re only a couple of hours away? Why not?