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After almost three months of storyboards, test shoots, planning, shooting, sound design and editing, the first ever 3D commercial in the Philippines has finally aired! I’m genuinely proud to have been part of it. I’ve tried my best to keep my mouth shut about this project; but now that it has been broadcast, I’m proud to present project “JUBILEE.”

It is directed by Paolo Dy, with director of photography Larry Manda and production designer Butch Garcia. Production house: Straight Shooters Media, Inc. 3-D equipment care of RSVP Film Studios, computer-generated graphics produced in Underground Logic, post production done in Post Manila, sound design by LoudBox Studios.

Important note: YOU WILL NEED RED-CYAN 3D GLASSES TO WATCH THIS COMMERCIAL IN 3D. You can get a free pair of Ariel 3D Glasses from specially-marked packs of ARIEL 3D DEEP CLEAN in supermarkets and other outlets.

With this being a special sort of project, I plan to write about it in bits and pieces. For now, I would just like to recognize the team behind this awesome commercial and thank them all for the hard work, the time and effort! We did it!

Team "Jubilee"

The 3D Rig (aka The Star of the Show): Can you see the 2 RED Cams?