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Show 10 of 25: AMAZING RACE ASIA

it’s about:
A bunch of teams from Asia go around the world facing different challenges. Whoever finishes first by the end of the final leg, wins.

my earliest history with the show:
I watched The Amazing Race (USA) during its early seasons and liked it. Upon hearing news that an Asian version was being produced, I knew that I just had to catch it. I awaited the series premiere… rooting for the Philippine teams, of course. Unfortunately, the two teams that represented the country got eliminated so early in the competition that I stopped watching right after. I tuned in to the subsequent seasons where we had more luck; and I’ve been watching ever since.

why it sticks:
The idea of franchising a popular reality show is in itself interesting; but executing it is a whole other thing. This could have gone a number of ways; but the production team behind it is faithful to the format. They were successful in translating the show into Asian territories, making it interesting, exciting and fun

The contestants were also diverse and never boring. There were the usual fights and screaming matches during the different challenges, which made everything all the more fun to watch. It is just a wonderfully produced show, which I became really invested in because of the competition between the representatives from different countries. One couldn’t help but root for one’s own country every single time. The added “friendly rivalry” kept me on the edge of my seat every time.

best memory:
For the second and third seasons of The Amazing Race Asia, the Philippines excelled in the game, coming so close to winning but never did. However, it was finally the country’s time to prevail during the fourth season when Rich Hardin and Rich Herrera won it all. It was a great moment. Go Philippines!