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For many years now, I’ve been buying from Amazon.com. That’s my go-to online store for books, toys and TV shows on DVD that I wouldn’t find anywhere in the Philippines. I recently received my latest set of purchases and I’d like to share them here.

Minions 3-Piece Set
$21.99 — now $37.99

I just loved the animated film Despicable Me. What’s especially cute about the movie are one, Agnes; and two, the minions! It just baffles me how everywhere in Manila I see Angry Birds toys when all I want are some cute minions plushies! I bought this 3-piece set, two were given to my nieces and one is all for me! That’s a whole lot of cute in a small package!

Friday Night Lights: The Complete Series
$84.99 — now $74.99

I absolutely loves this show from the moment I watched the pilot until the series took a bow in 2011. I could never stop gushing about it (and I still sing praises until today); because it is without a doubt, one of the most outstanding shows ever made on television. This boxed set is the ultimate Friday Night Lights collection. All 76 episodes in a neat little compilation filled with amazing photos from the show. One of these days, I’ll start watching this amazing show from the beginning… just so I could once again remind myself of how good this show is.

Daria: The Complete Animated Series
$27.99 — now $37.49

One of the smartest, wittiest comedies of my generation. Daria introduced me to dry humor and uncompromising sarcasm in the face of ridiculous circumstances. It’s another one of my all-time favorites; and I’m just so happy to have the complete collection of episodes in my hands.

Amazon.com will always be one of the best sources for anything and everything you wish to purchase online. I’ve been trusting it for a while and I probably continue to do so in the foreseeable future.