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Show 14 of 25: LOST

it’s about:
A plane crash. A group of survivors. A mysterious island.

Lost is a groundbreaking series that everyone’s been trying to recreate, in the process making a TV god out of creator J.J. Abrams. *bows down in worship*

my earliest history with the show:
Even before it premiered, this show has been getting a lot of attention because of its outstanding pilot. I was on board that very first episode until the “fan polarizing” finale.

why it sticks:
Despite the controversial end to the series, I’m very happy to have watched Lost. I never felt as if I wasted six seasons the way other fans did. This show is and will forever be the standard to which all other series will try and measure up to when it comes to storytelling. To me, this is a brilliant show. Period.

It took a commonly used “tragic” story (plane crash) and ran with it until the show became one of the most complicated series the world of television has ever seen. Most importantly, it did so by executing everything differently. The show played with the concept of time and space. It played with the usual “beginning, middle and end” type of storytelling… jumping from one point in history to another. The number of twists and turns throughout its six-year run is so mind-boggling that people either hated it or thrived in it. I thrived in it… even preferring season-long marathons just so I get caught up quickly and effectively.

The mysteries that piled up made me come back hoping to get some answers; but at its core, it’s the character stories that drew me into the world of Lost. Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, Locke… Everyone had their own past, present and future. They had struggles, inner conflicts and private demons. It’s these characters and their relationships that made me love the show. They are all flawed human beings; but somehow, you still watch them and want to know that they’ll be okay at the end. The Island and its many secrets served as the backdrop to the personal connections between all the characters and its importance at the end of it all, which is death.

I will never forget this series. Lost is a rare show that might just have started their own category in television — Ultra-serialized (Is that even a valid term?) storytelling driven by countless mysteries and a significant suspension of reality. It’s hard to explain, yet even harder not to be impressed by. Ambitious. Unique. Special.

best memory:
The show definitely turned its head for me by the end of the third season. It took the term “game-changer” and just threw it in our faces. I was stunned when I watched this; because it didn’t make sense. But after a few seconds, I was like “WTF!” This is one of the best moments of television I’ve ever witnessed. *SPOILER ALERT*

And if you’ve watched Lost from beginning to end and still don’t get it, here’s a GREAT explanation.