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After over 10 years of listening to Chico & Delamar, I finally found the opportunity to see them in person. I’ve been a silent rusher for a long time; but I wouldn’t dare miss the book signing for The Best of Chico & Delamar’s The Morning Rush Top 10. I’ve enjoyed the book, now I need to get it signed!

It was held at Robinson’s Galleria; and a LOT of people came out to have their copies signed by Chico & Delamar. I arrived a little before 12nn. I passed by the activity center to buy 2 more copies of the book (for my sister), then had lunch. By the time I finished, people have already fallen in line for registration. The crowd just got bigger and bigger from there.

the line for registration

a glimpse of the huge crowd that gathered to get their books signed

The program before the signing started was short but sweet. Chico & Delamar read excerpts from the book, Chico did his “call center guy” and “Jackie Tiyanak” impressions; then they shared the stage briefly with DJs Cerah and Gino.

Afterwards, it was down to business. Chico & Delamar started signing books! I was number 135. I didn’t mind the wait. The encounter and the signing all went by so fast; but I’m glad I went.  Also, even though the venue was pretty far from my house, the trip was worth it. Thanks Chico & Delamar! Here’s to more books and a lot more listeners.

got my book signed! got my picture taken! mission accomplished.

If you missed your chance this time, Chico & Delamar will have another book signing next week, February 4, 2012 at National Bookstore Trinoma. Registration starts at 11am. Signing starts at 12nn.

And if you haven’t bought the book, I highly encourage that you do. It’s super sulit. It’s funny and entertaining… definitely a great read!