The Mind Museum

I had the chance to visit The Mind Museum last February 10, 2012. It’s on dry run until it opens to the public next month, with a couple of exhibits still under development. It was a little bit “bitin” given that not all displays are working. Still, the privilege to check out the museum this early was well worth the donation. It was fun. I felt like a student once again, browsing through various displays and getting fascinated with the many things to see and do. Of course, I plan to go back when everything’s in place.

right outside the entrance of The Mind Museum

From the outside, the structure of The Mind Museum is modern and beautiful. It looks massive on the outside; but it was a bit smaller than I imagined on the inside. Maybe it was due to the sheer volume of exhibits in the museum. At this stage, a three hour visit is more than enough to check everything out.

Before entering the galleries, you will be welcomed by an I-Fairy model robot named Aede.

Inside, there are five galleries: Universe, Atom, Life, Earth and Technology. Each gallery has a Mind Mover knowledgeable about concepts and facts relating to a particular subject. They are there to assist you if you have any questions about a certain display. If you don’t have any queries, you’re free to browse around on your own. There’s definitely a lot to see and experience at The Mind Museum. Here’s just some of them:

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Excited to see it for yourself? It opens to the public on March 16, 2012. You may already buy your tickets online at


Wicked in Singapore: Day 2

For our second and last day in Singapore, we decided to do 3 stops. After waking up late and leaving the condo at 11:30am, I wasn’t sure we could make it. But we did!


I haven’t been to Singapore’s Chinatown; so I wanted to stop by and see what it has to offer. It wasn’t as chaotic as Binondo. In fact, there were so few people and hardly any activity. It might be because some of them are still on holiday from the Chinese New Year celebrations; but we didn’t see much. Still, I plan to come back next time I’m in Singapore to do some shopping.

We had lunch at a small restaurant. Chicken noodle soup for S$3.50. Sorry I wasn’t able to take a picture! I was so hungry!


We stopped by Orchard Road to do some shopping. We did some quick stops in Funan DigitaLife Mall (for electronics), Ion Orchard (for Uniqlo) and Tangs Department Store (for Onitsuka Tiger). We had so little time, so we set out for specific stops and left. But… not without some snapshots here and there.

sinfully delicious: Super Stacked Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Ice Cream from Awfully Chocolate
specialty store: they only sell headphones and earphones


We rushed to Sentosa because it was almost night time. We went to Vivo City and decided to take the boardwalk. It has a number of travelators allowing you to have a leisurely trip. This is an alternative to the monorail if you feel like walking and taking in some sights on your way there.

travelator at the Sentosa Boardwalk

We went here for one purpose and that’s to watch Songs of the Sea. We spent the whole day at Universal Studios Singapore the last time we went there that I missed the rest of Sentosa Island. We watched the 8:30pm show and it was pretty cool. However, if you wish to see something similar without leaving the Philippines, I encourage you to go watch the Musical Fountain Show at Manila Ocean Park. It’s as beautiful yet a little bit more entertaining for the kids.

And with that… we ended Day 2.


Our flight was set to depart at 6:25am; so we were in Changi by 4:30am.

early morning at the airport

Bye Singapore! Until next time!

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Wicked in Singapore: Day 1

Last weekend, I spent two days in Singapore; and it was a short but sweet trip. We had to maximize our time so we prioritized, did what we had to do and skipped some of the usual stops (like Universal Studios Singapore, since we’ve already been there). Still, two days in Singapore is better than none at all, especially for something as awesome as Wicked.


We flew Jetstar for this trip. I chanced upon some cheap seats a few weeks ago and snatched them up before anyone else could. At a little less than Php5,000 for round-trip tickets, that’s not too bad! It’s never too late to find some inexpensive plane tickets if you check every once in a while.

my Jetstar boarding pass

We departed from NAIA Terminal 1 and arrived in Changi Airport Terminal 1. In other words, we departed from one of the worst airports in the world and arrived at one of the best. It was a pretty ironic arrangement…

NAIA vs. Changi

… Now onto the trip!


We went around Marina Bay Sands, did some shopping and eating.

in and around Marina Bay Sands

But of course the highlight of this stop… and the whole purpose of this quick trip… was Wicked.

inside the Grand Theater before the show

I’m not a huge musical theater addict. It’s only been recently that I could afford to watch theater performances; and “Wicked” is absolutely on top of my list of must-watch shows. I’ve only heard the songs; and I didn’t really know what to expect coming in. Anyway, everything I saw and heard was absolutely brilliant. I thoroughly enjoyed the show. The performances were amazing; and the music is simply beautiful. “Defying Gravity,” turned out to be so much better than I could ever have imagined. I was pretty overwhelmed. The whole show lives up to the hype and the accolades. I loved it so much!


After the show, we proceeded to Makansutra Gluttons Bay for some celebratory chili crabs! Yummy yummy!

baby squid, fried rice and chili crab

After some walking around with scenic night views, we ended Day 1.

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