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I had the chance to visit The Mind Museum last February 10, 2012. It’s on dry run until it opens to the public next month, with a couple of exhibits still under development. It was a little bit “bitin” given that not all displays are working. Still, the privilege to check out the museum this early was well worth the donation. It was fun. I felt like a student once again, browsing through various displays and getting fascinated with the many things to see and do. Of course, I plan to go back when everything’s in place.

right outside the entrance of The Mind Museum

From the outside, the structure of The Mind Museum is modern and beautiful. It looks massive on the outside; but it was a bit smaller than I imagined on the inside. Maybe it was due to the sheer volume of exhibits in the museum. At this stage, a three hour visit is more than enough to check everything out.

Before entering the galleries, you will be welcomed by an I-Fairy model robot named Aede.

Inside, there are five galleries: Universe, Atom, Life, Earth and Technology. Each gallery has a Mind Mover knowledgeable about concepts and facts relating to a particular subject. They are there to assist you if you have any questions about a certain display. If you don’t have any queries, you’re free to browse around on your own. There’s definitely a lot to see and experience at The Mind Museum. Here’s just some of them:

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Excited to see it for yourself? It opens to the public on March 16, 2012. You may already buy your tickets online at tickets.themindmuseum.org