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It’s rare that I get to be part of putting together a thematic ad or a corporate ad. These are usually the bigger projects that involve a number of scenes and a whole bunch of people. But when these types of projects come around, you may get extremely stressed and harassed during production; but by the time the final material gets aired, you feel really good about what you’ve accomplished. When people actually talk about it online and your colleagues are buzzing about the ad, it just feels awesome.

“LUCKY” is that type of project. This material was released yesterday as “Live More with Smart.” It’s directed by Franco Marinelli, with director of photography Geoffrey Hall and production designer Adelina Leung. Production house: Straight Shooters Media, Inc. Post house: PixelBox.

There’s a lot to say about this particular production; but now, I just want to share it with you. By the way, if you’re loving the music, it’s an original composition made especially for Smart. I’m positive it will be released as a song in the near future.

Stop waiting. Start living.