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There’s no other way to say it… The Avengers is AWESOMENESS translated to the big screen. I loved every minute of it. Joss Whedon, you did very well.

While I don’t do formal reviews, I just couldn’t stop myself from writing about this movie. So far, I haven’t heard anyone say one negative thing about it… at least from my end of the world. I just read it shattered all kinds of records — earning Php281 million in 5 days! Those are some serious box office powers… and there are no signs of slowing down.

There are so many things to rave about this movie: the story, the characters, the effects, the humor… even the HULK! It surpassed any and all expectations I had before going into the movie house. It is worth all the excitement and hype; and is continuing to entertain both comic geeks and film lovers alike. There’s no doubt that this movie is going to be HUGE… the perfect kick-off to an exciting movie season ahead. The Dark Knight Rises and The Amazing Spiderman are now pressured to keep the momentum going…

Why love THE AVENGERS: (spoilers ahead!!!)

A true team of superheroes. As far as I’m concerned, I didn’t feel as if one character was more prominent compared to the others. Everyone had ample screen time. Everyone worked together. Everyone had a part to play in winning the war.

Jaw-dropping effects. Highlights include, but not limited to: Iron Man’s costume being stripped away while walking, their ship that could also fly and become invisible, The Hulk’s transformation, the metal worm-like things that Hulk absolutely crushed and Iron Man’s costume change while mid-air (This really made me go WOW).

Nerdgasmic moments. Superhero battles you wished to see came to fruition: Iron Man vs. Thor, Thor vs. The Hulk, Captain America vs. Thor. There’s also a seamless battle sequence that featured all the superheroes in action… absolutely amazing. Especially by the last 40 minutes of the movie, it is just moment after moment of pure nerdgasm. It’s the sort of sensory overload that we want to see.

The script’s humor. Tony Stark became Stark-ier than usual with the brilliant writing of Joss Whedon. Everyone also had moments of wit and humor spread all throughout the movie, one of my favorites was Thor’s “He’s adopted.” It really kept everything light and entertaining, just what a blockbuster superhero movie should be.

Hilarious surprise. Three words: Hulk versus Loki.

Overall, the movie just clicked. From build-up to climax to conclusion, The Avengers is the fulfillment of every moviegoers’ dream of the ultimate blockbuster. It’s fun, action-packed and funny without scrimping on story and character. The effects are great. The script is tight and witty. The battle scenes give so much more than what was expected. This is one superhero movie that has set the bar high for any and all films that will come after it.