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Show 15 of 25: CHUCK

it’s about:
A computer geek named Chuck Bartowski, whose life is turned upside down when he inadvertently downloads the government’s secrets into his brain.

my earliest history with the show:
This is another one of those shows which I followed from the beginning. I read mixed reviews before the pilot; but because of show runner Josh Schwartz, I had to come on board.

why it sticks:
This is a show that mixed comedy and action very, very well. Despite its far-fetched plot and sci-fi roots, what stands out with Chuck is its wit and humor. There’s a ton of geekiness that goes to the surface; and it is delivered so well by an interesting mix of characters. Even before The Big Bang Theory, this show featured an unlikely group of misfits that were all underdogs in life. At the center of this group is Chuck, who continued to grow from the beginning of the show all the way to the end.

I also loved the romance between the two central characters, Chuck and Sarah. How they grew to love each other through the series just stuck with me. It didn’t hurt that there were a ton of laughs along the way. When they finally got together, it was truly satisfying.

The show just ended this year, with its final episodes challenging the relationship of Chuck and Sarah. I found the conclusion to this series a bit disappointing, employing an amnesia storyline, which I absolutely hate. Still, the past five seasons of this show just entertained the heck out of me… giving me hours upon hours of laughs and thrilling action. It will continue to be one of my all-time favorite shows.

best memory:
A much-awaited moment, which would have satisfied me as a fitting end to the series.