THE Month for Pinoy Movies

I know people who’ve sworn off Pinoy movies altogether. It’s either a personal choice or given the track record of recent releases, it’s probably something formulaic… What’s the point, right? You’re not going to miss much even if a good one does come along.

Personally, I still like watching and supporting local movies. Nevertheless, I am choosy about what I watch. I feel around for good word of mouth (and positive reviews). I consider the people behind the production (good director? quality cast? interesting storyline?). After which, I make an informed decision: To watch or not to watch?

(L to R) Judy Ann Santos for “Mga Mumunting Lihim”; Tippy dos Santos for “I Do Bidoo Bidoo”; Eddie Garcia and Princess (the dog) for “Bwakaw”; Dominic Roco for “Ang Nawawala”

In the next few weeks, however, some theatrical releases are well worth your time and money. If you are looking for the perfect opportunity to give Pinoy movies a chance, this is the time to do it.

Mga Mumunting Lihim (Those Little Secrets) – NOW SHOWING

Have I watched it? YES. Why should YOU watch? It’s Jose Javier Reyes’ entry in the recently concluded Cinemalaya Film Festival. This film won both Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress accolades for its talented ensemble (Judy Ann Santos, Iza Calzado, Janice de Belen, Agot Isidro). It’s a dramedy that demonstrates how little we may know about our friends… and what they say about us behind our backs. The highlight of Mga Mumunting Lihim is a particularly lengthy argument in a restaurant that had the audience entertained, to say the least.

I Do Bidoo Bidoo – AUGUST 29, 2012

Have I watched it? NOT YET. Why should YOU watch? The songs of APO Hiking Society weaved into a story of love and family. A stellar cast that you never imagined would come together on the big screen… ever (Gary V, Zsa Zsa Padilla, Ogie Alcasid, Eugene Domingo). An “A” rating by the Cinema Evaluation Board and deafening positive buzz from its stars and the press. This is the musical movie event of the year. I’m positive that it will be a big hit; and you shouldn’t dare miss it. I definitely won’t.

Bwakaw – SEPTEMBER 5, 2012

Have I watched it? YES. Why should YOU watch? You will love this movie. I guarantee it. Eddie Garcia (Best Actor: Cinemalaya 2012) turns in an amazing performance as an aging gay man whose only family is his dog Bwakaw. The story is simple. The noteworthy moments range from light to heavy. It’s just a thoroughly enjoyable film and a definite crowd pleaser.

Ang Nawawala – SEPTEMBER 12, 2012

Have I watched it? YES. Why should YOU watch? The film won Audience Choice Award in Cinemalaya 2012. With a simple story of first love, this film is able to tell it in such a unique way… set in a world that very few are a part of. It is fascinating and engaging, with good music that sets the mood and a back story that slowly reveals itself.

Be sure to check your nearest cinemas for these releases and support our local film industry. Mabuhay ang pelikulang Pilipino!



We shot and finished this particular video in less than a week! It was a bit rushed; but I think the outcome is pretty great. Enjoy!


And here’s an exclusive version with movie clips:

And don’t forget to watch “I Do Bidoo Bidoo” opening August 29 in cinemas nationwide!

Music Video Credits:
“Doo Bidoo”
Words and Music by Danny Javier
Original Performance by APO Hiking Society
Performed by Ogie Alcasid
For the movie I DO BIDOO BIDOO
Produced by Studio 5 and Unitel Productions
Director: Pancho Esguerra and Greg Garcia
DOP: Anne Monzon
Production Designer: Trinka Lat
Post Production: Engine Room
Graphics: Blue Rain Multimedia

As a bonus, here are some behind the scenes photos from our shoot.

the IT list #9: “S”

“the IT list” A series of posts that highlight the various stuff, old or new, that I’ve been doing… reading, watching, eating or simply obsessing over recently. It’s my personal countdown.

the IT list #9

This edition is sponsored by the letter “S” (an honest coincidence).

I absolutely love Suits. I’ve already read and heard about this show a couple of times; but only got around to watching it a few weeks ago. When I started with the pilot, I couldn’t stop. I finished 7 episodes in one night… Yup, slept at 1am.
The show is smart, quick and funny. The characters are likable and the cases are always interesting. The second season has especially stepped it up. The current story arc has raised the stakes; and I’m more involved than ever. I now have another lawyer show to obsess over (the other being The Good Wife).

“We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” is the first single off of Taylor Swift’s upcoming album RED. I recently purchased it off of the iTunes Store (where it’s currently at #1).
Anyway, I’ve always been a fan of Taylor Swift since her album Fearless. I like how every song is a story and you know that it comes from somewhere very personal. This one is no exception. The lyrics are to be taken as is; and it’s set to a tune that is really addictive and catchy. I’m really liking it.

This game has been around for a while; but I only started playing Snoopy’s Street Fair a few days ago. Someone told me this game is nakakatunganga (leaves you idle for a while); and I would have to agree 100%
The premise is simple; but it’s just a lot of fun to play. I can’t let an hour or two pass by without checking on the progress of my booths and ongoing constructions. You just want to level up and make your money grow. Plus, Snoopy and the Peanuts gang are just so cute!

Sherlock is a show that everyone’s talking about; but I put off watching it until a month ago. With each episode being one and a half hours long, I’ve only finished 5 out of 6. I take my sweet time appreciating each and every episode; because it’s an intelligent show… a bit exhausting at times… but it’s extremely engaging. The show is quick-witted and brilliantly executed. Best of all, it features characters with an amazing chemistry. All credit, of course, goes to Benedict Cumberbatch (as Sherlock Holmes) and Martin Freeman (as Dr. John Watson).
So far, The Scandal in Belgravia stood out the most. The storytelling is amazing. The mystery is intricately told; and the revelations unfolded quite cleverly. It’s just awesome television.

I can’t stop raving about this cake! This particular strawberry shortcake from Mary Grace is soft, fluffy, moist and not too sweet. Best of all, it doesn’t scrimp on the strawberries. Every bite is simply yummy.

Life Tips

You gotta love the Internet.

Think of almost anything you can imagine; and you’ll probably find it there. Recently for me, two valuable tips I’ve found on the world wide web have helped me a lot. These are simple, everyday solutions to problems and emergencies that just might save you money and a whole lot of stress. I really want to share my experiences here; because I hope to teach you some stuff in the way these other sites aided me in certain situations.

CRISIS # 1: Tight Flats

Three months ago, I bought a pair of flats that fit fine when I tried them on in the store. However, after walking in them for less than an hour, the shoes hurt and bruised my ankles. It’s too tight for everyday use! They were then hidden away in the back of my shoe closet.

Thanks to Pinterest, which led me to Coffee Light & Sweet, I found my solution three weeks ago; and I’ve been sharing this tip with my friends ever since.

What you need: thick socks (or a number of pairs of socks) and blow dryer
What to do:
– Put on the thick socks (or at least two layers of socks) and wear your flats.
– Aim the blow dryer in the tight spots, wiggling your feet as you heat the shoes so that it loosens up. Do this for a couple of minutes.
– Keep the shoes on as it cools down.
– Once cooled down, remove your socks and try the shoes on. Repeat process until shoes are comfortable for you.
Other applications: This is a great technique to break in your shoes. You may also try it with your leather shoes and heels. I’m currently trying this technique out with a pair of rain boots I bought from the US, which is tight around the calves. (It has loosened up a bit; and I’ll try doing the technique again for the next few days.)

CRISIS # 2: Wet iPhone

This is probably the most common emergency that may happen to anyone with a mobile phone. I am one of the recent victims. Let me share my story first. The other day (on my birthday nonetheless), I had an accident and my precious iPhone got soaked. It was in the water for about 2-3 seconds before I fished it out. Common sense told me to turn it off at once, which I did. I then immediately shook the phone for excess water and used paper towels to dry it off outside. In the back of my head, I know I read something about using uncooked rice or silica. I ran to my computer to search for a solution and got my confirmation.

These sites popped up in my quick search: CNET and Appstorm. They also suggested the uncooked rice trick; so I rushed to get some and immediately put my phone in it. A few minutes later, I also found a paper clip, removed my SIM card, then put the phone back in the rice. All of these were accomplished in less than 20 minutes.

When I got home, I found the packs of silica I saved up and added them in the container where my phone was drying out. I also briefly blow dried the phone (in cool setting) before putting it back in the container.

Next thing I did was wait overnight. (It was one of the longest nights of my life!) By the time morning came, my phone has been in the uncooked rice and silica for approximately 15 hours. I plugged in the phone while praying for a miracle to happen. About 8 minutes passed before I finally heard the sweet sound of the iPhone booting up with the Apple logo appearing. At this time, angels were singing in my head.

Next step was to try out the functions. Thankfully, I found no glitches! I only saw some fogging in the lamp and the front-facing camera. To be safe, I put silica packs in my iPhone case for the rest of the day. I also put my phone in uncooked rice again overnight. In the morning, the fogging was gone and the phone still works! Hallelujah!

image from

What you need: paper towels, uncooked rice (or silica packs), lots of patience!
What to do:
– Turn off your phone immediately. Shake it out to remove excess water, then dry with cloth or paper towels. Don’t forget to remove the SIM.
– Put your phone in uncooked rice and leave it there for at least 12 hours. Depending on how soaked your phone gets, others suggest leaving it there for 24 hours to 3 days.
– After waiting, remove any uncooked rice that got into the nooks and crannies of the phone. Use a pin or brush to get them out.
– Plug the phone in and wait.
– If it turns on, test the functions of your phone immediately: battery, screen, touch screen function, home button, sending and receiving calls, texting, speakers, earphone jack, Wi-fi, 3G, camera, games & apps. This will help you determine the extent of damage to your phone. Since getting wet will void your warranty, you might as well get your phone repaired if any problem pops up.
– If it doesn’t turn on, try to put it back in the rice for a longer time, maybe weeks, before trying it again.
*Side note: This technique doesn’t guarantee that your iPhone will spring back to life. This is just one of the most effective ways to dry out and possibly salvage your water-damaged phone. It really depends on the extent of damage or the length of time that the device has been in the water.
Other applications: This can be applied to most electronic devices. If you can remove the battery, be sure to do so and dry it out before putting all parts in uncooked rice.

It’s only been a day or two since the accident; and I have yet to see any problems with my iPhone. I’m really thankful. It was just a matter of acting fast and finding a solution as soon as possible… thanks to the Internet.