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And here it is… The BIG project I’ve been talking about for the past few months. It’s finally and officially OUT. Best of all, I can now claim to be PART OF IT!

The song is entitled “Jump In.” This music video was shot over the course of four days — One day for each of the vignettes and one long day for the dancing and singing parts. We shot in picturesque locations and shot with international stars apl.de.ap and Jessica Sanchez. This huge project was a challenge to take on; and hopefully, audiences saw the “bigness” in the finish product. After all, putting it together took a lot of physical and mental energy, endless moments of stress and sleepless nights. Whew!

This MTV is for the new Smart Jump In SIM. It’s directed by Filipino-Canadian Marc Andre Debruyne, with director of photography Take Onishi and production designer Rious Caliso. Production house: Straight Shooters Media, Inc. Post house: Engine Room and Optima Digital.