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We all survived the end of the world. Again.



It’s been a looming prophecy since the movie came out over two years ago. I didn’t watch it, by the way. And face it, we all thought it’s a bit ridiculous that a group of people who weren’t able to predict their own extinction would be able to foresee the end of the world as we know it. Still, recent natural disasters made me think, “What if?” What if the world were to end suddenly? I didn’t really consider this thought as a major driving force in my life this year; but this teeny tiny possibility pushed me to make the most out of 2012 while I’m still young, kicking and very much alive. I’m pretty sure you know of these life lessons; but I’m sharing them with you anyway.

It’s never too late for a transformation.
Frustration over my physical health pushed me to change my body this 2012. I’m proud to say that I’ve lost a significant amount of weight over the past few months. I’m almost at my goal; but at this point, I’m already happy with what these changes brought out of me: more confidence and more self-control. As a bonus, I am loving shopping again! RTW sizes fit again! A bunch of old clothes I kept are being used again! It just feels good!
In 2013. I’m looking forward to finally achieving a healthy and stable weight and keeping it off for good. Also, I’ve started experimenting with new styles of clothing and hopefully, I’d be able to adapt and pull off a new look by next year. Time to change some more!

These ladies get to bond a lot!

These ladies get to bond a lot!

Keep in touch.
Always make an effort to keep in touch with old friends. I’m happy to still be planning meet-ups with my high school and college friends after 10 years. After all, catching up on Facebook just isn’t the same as catching up over lunch and gossiping about what your batch mates have been up to. Even if you don’t see each other as often as the girls in Sex and the City do, a get-together once or twice a year is enough to keep the ties tightly bound.
In 2013. More meet-ups and bonding, hopefully… A group trip, perhaps?

Chocolate Hills, Bohol -- woohoo!

Chocolate Hills in Bohol — woohoo!

Get out there and travel!
I traveled more than ever this year. Let’s see… Singapore, Hong Kong, Misibis Bay, Boracay, Batangas, Bohol… All beautiful places. With every trip, I am reminded again and again how awesome it is to take a break and see what’s outside the confines of Metro Manila.
In 2013. I’m in the process of planning my first out-of-SEA (Southeast Asia) trip. I just need to get my stuff in order. I’m also going back to Singapore with an intention to make a quick stop to Legoland Malaysia. It’s going to be totally awesome!!!

Wicked -- before the show started.

Wicked — before the show started.

Watch a bunch of shows.
I’m not just talking about TV shows or movies. I’ve never regretted plopping down cash for a good concert or theatrical performance. This year was off to a good start when I dropped everything and flew to Singapore just to watch Wicked. Hearing “Defying Gravity” live for the first time seriously brought tears to my eyes. It was a truly amazing experience. Aside from that, I screamed for NKOTBSB, Maroon 5, Lady Gaga and Foster the People. Of course, I had my share of regrets: missing Katy Perry in concert and Phantom of the Opera. Never mind. There’s always next year!
In 2013. More foreign acts worth watching, I hope.

2013, Here I Come!
I haven’t completely visualized 2013 for me; but I’m looking forward to it. I just need to internalize my resolutions and actually COMMIT to them. Here’s to more (life) experiences and more changes (for the better)!

Happy New Year!