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It’s been a while since I shared  some behind the scenes scoop on a project I was part of. Let me remedy that by covering two projects in one entry. Both were shot last February; and both were directed (and lighted) by Yam Laranas.

“Embrace” is a Biogesic for Kids TVC featuring John Lloyd Cruz. The commercial is pretty straightforward and simple; so setting the whole thing up wasn’t hard. The only challenge was keeping the little boy talent focused and alert until 8pm (which was the time we packed up). We shot this in one day in a studio set-up. Production designer: Butch Garcia. Production House: Unitel/Straight Shooters. Post House: Riot Inc..

These aren’t much; but here are some photos from the shoot.

“Sally” is an introductory TVC for Jollibee Ultimate Burger Steak. Compared to “Embrace,” this was a bit more challenging to mount because of its Darna nature. Darna projects are coined as such because we have to make like superheroes and finish everything as soon as possible. This project took us a little over a week from briefing to final presentation of material. That covers meetings, shooting and editing. Needless to say, I was very stressed that particular week. Still, the material turned out great and quality wasn’t sacrificed. I love the food shots in particular. Those took a lot of work and a lot of time to capture!

We had exactly 3 days to prep, with another two days to shoot the material. The first day was shot in Jollibee Lakefront (Sucat). This covered all the in-store scenes and food shots. The second day was done in two different locations (one in The Fort and the other at the Regus offices in Zuelling Building), covering the different vignettes of people ogling at the picture of the meal.

Other credits… Production Designer: Edwin Garcia. Production House: Unitel/Straight Shooters. Post House: Underground Logic.

And here are some behind the scenes snapshots from the project.