Absolute LifeBTS

“Absolute Life Behind The Scenes” consists of posts and concepts that are unique to me and my blog. These are various series that express what I do and what I love. They serve as constant inspiration for my blog that remind me, “You can never run out of things to say.”

25 SHOWSThis series highlights and enumerates the 25 TV shows I’ve seen that will always stick with me. It started as a side project on my old site; but I never finished it. I’ve decided to bring the project over to Life Behind the Scenes… and hopefully I’d get to finish it. No deadline… No pressure… Just good shows and why I love them.

BEHIND THE SCENES. This series are posts that feature the different projects I’ve been involved in, past and present. I talk about the films and commercials I’ve been a part of, with a few interesting tidbits about the shoot, plus some behind the scenes photos as bonus. I may also write about insights regarding the advertising industry. These posts will give you a glimpse of film and TV commercial production in the Philippines.

SHOPPING DIARY. I love buying stuff. Who doesn’t? This series is pretty self-explanatory. I will share my recent purchases, why I bought them and what I think about them.

the IT listThis series highlights the various stuff, old or new, that I’ve been doing… reading, watching, eating or simply obsessing over recently.

These lists are random and fall under no particular category… just a rundown of whatever I love at the moment. It’s a quick countdown that shows what gets me excited as a shopper, a reader, a foodie, a viewer, etc. From time to time, it could also contain random thoughts over a subject or a topic.