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3 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Hi! I saw your post on the Harry Potter 17-disc DVD Set (Shopping Diary #6: Pottermania). I was wondering if you’ve tested all of them already? The root menus for the first, fourth, and fifth in my box are in Chinese kasi, and I was wondering if the same’s true with yours? Of course, there’s the option to watch the movie in English, I was just wondering bakit if napapalitan yung actual language dun sa root menu. Btw, this is true only if I play it using my DVD player. The root menu’s in English when I play it on my computer, as that’s the only language it recognizes. Thanks! A response would be greatly appreciated!

    1. When I bought the DVDs, I watched them from beginning to end and I didn’t encounter any problems. Also, before I open any other menus it gives me a choice between English, Chinese, Thai, etc. languages. After choosing English, that’s pretty much it. Maybe it’s a DVD player compatibility issue.

  2. Hi!

    Thanks for replying!! Yep, I forgot I was using a DVD player purchased in China! Just finished )as in, minutes ago lang) testing it with a different DVD player, and everything’s okay naman. Thank you again 🙂

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