25 Shows: Perfect Strangers


it’s about:
Larry Appleton and Balki Bartokomus are distant cousins who end up living together when Balki arrives from Mypos (in the Mediterranean) and had nowhere to go. The odd couple share a rocky coexistence; but they somehow manage to develop a deep friendship despite differing cultures and points of view.

my earliest history with the show:
It was the time when RPN 9 was one of my favorite channels next to ABS-CBN. They had all the best sitcoms and US shows. I don’t remember exactly when I started watching since I was too young back then. What I do recall are nights when the whole family would sit in front of the television and watch this show… maybe mimic the Dance of Joy. Ah, simpler times…

why it sticks:
Perfect Strangers is one of those shows that I could never forget from my childhood. It is just a funny show with great characters and a lot of heart. Most importantly, Balki really just cracked me up! I enjoyed it immensely as a kid.

It’s one of those shows that probably taught me about appreciating differences between people. The two cousins may be polar opposites; but they are able to solve problems with the help of the other. The relationship between Larry and Balki went beyond their differences; and they truly became family the longer they shared experiences together.

I recently watched some early episodes; and it still made me laugh. The comedy is still current. It’s certainly a classic in every sense of the word. The show remains to be one of my favorites after all these years.

best memory:
The theme song of the show… classic.

And of course, the Dance of Joy.