Project “iPOD” was the first celebrity television commercial I took part in. It was also my second project EVER. The TVC was for Bench sub-brand Human; and our lead was none other than the Black Eyed Peas’ apl.de.ap.

The ad is directed by Erin Pascual, with director of photography J.A. Tadena and production designer Mitch Magbitang-Directo.

This being the first celebrity commercial I worked on, with an international pop star as our lead, I have to admit it was really cool getting to meet him. I might be a bit more jaded now; but back then, it was a pretty big deal.

As you can see, this commercial is really short, a 15-seconder. Despite its length, it still took us one whole day to shoot. The site of our shoot was in historic Avenida (or Rizal Avenue) in Manila, which at this time was still closed to public vehicles. This made things a bit easier. However, the crowd was still pretty hard to control. Given that we had a well-known personality in one of the most crowded areas in the metropolis, barangay tanods weren’t enough. Seriously.

Overall, the shoot was a blur. I barely remember it except for the nightmarish crowd control conditions. Thankfully, we managed to survive it unscathed. We even had an important client stop by to do some photo ops with the talent. See for yourself: