Shopping Diary #8: Scarves

I don’t really wear scarves. It’s not a normal part of the tropical country wardrobe; and I don’t know a single thing about how to wear them or how to properly match it with my everyday clothes. I have accumulated a grand total of two scarves through the years; but I haven’t worn them even once. However, the past weekend, I found myself buying two scarves that are pretty different from each other; and they look so nice, I couldn’t wait to use them… especially as we enter the colder part of the year.

gray infinity scarf

Php300 — from Php800++

I only learned about infinity scarves after buying this item and researching what it’s called online. Infinity (aka circle, tube or eternity scarf) is a style of scarf that has no end… hence termed as such. I always see this being used in fall fashions, wrapped around the neck over a jacket or used as a cover-up. With its nice, laid-back design and simple color, I could easily pair this with a number of wardrobe staples.

‘God Save the Queen’ printed square scarf

Php745 — from Php800++

I love the print on this scarf! It really stood out from the rack and I grabbed it immediately. Its simple white base with a splash of red and blue gives it an edge over the usual patterned or plain scarves. This could be paired with plain tops or jackets, serving to punch up a simple outfit.

3) i just doubled my scarves!

And here they are… my very small collection. I’ve been actively researching about how to wear scarves; and I’m pretty inspired. Hopefully, I’d get to use them more often from now on. I’m sharing some of them here; so enjoy…

scarf-tying guides
how to tie a scarf based on style