Shopping Diary #9: Spree

I just went on a much needed shopping spree. It’s my reward for working so hard the past month. Remember that big project I mentioned a couple of posts ago? It has just finished; and I’ve been catching up on rest, watching new shows and buying beautiful stuff with my paycheck.

Here’s the damage I’ve done at Trinoma:

blue top


I’ve recently discovered that this loose, comfortable style suits me quite well. I also like the lace-like detail because it’s girly yet casual. Paired with a light racer back and shorts and I’m good to go.

DIGITAL WALKER Notebook Wrap Designed by Coldplay


It’s been a while since I last bought a notebook cover. This one is perfect because it’s unique (the wrap design looks really cool), it’s blue (my favorite color), it’s designed by Coldplay (one of my favorite bands) and it’s for a good cause. Royalties for the design have been waived by the celebrity donors in support of Whatever It Takes, an artwork campaign that contributes to a number of causes. (Learn more about them from their site.)

tomato red cardigan

Php1,500 — from Php2,295

I love cardigans. I pair them with anything and everything; because it’s just so comfortable. It will also keep me warm in the coming (cool) months. I particularly liked this one because of the color (I don’t have a red one yet), the loose pockets on the sides and last but not the least, the sale price!

camel blazer


Blazers are the perfect weapon to style up any outfit. I already have two black ones (Freeway & Bayo) and a green one (Cotton On). And with a price like this, I just had to buy this camel-colored one. I especially liked the pinstripe detail when you roll up the sleeves. Paired with a plain shirt, jeans and a simple necklace… Instant casual chic. Nice.

wall clock


The wall clock in our room hasn’t been working for weeks. It’s about time I found a replacement. After looking at expensive models from stores like Dimensione, I decided to check out the selections from the nearest department store — Landmark. Lo and behold… Here’s a design I like at an unbelievably cheap price!

soft leather handbag with shoulder strap


I usually splurge the most on bags. Needless to say, this item did the most damage. It costs more than everything else combined. Still, I have no regrets buying it. I first saw this bag at their Gateway branch. I didn’t buy it at once because I wanted to look at other bags first. In the end, I couldn’t find anything else that matched this in terms of price and design. (The other bag I was eyeing is close to Php15,000!!! Scary!) Anyway, I love the soft leather material and its simplicity is just my style. It’s my first time to buy from Pabder so I hope the quality will speak for itself in the long run.

And that’s it… Six items. One blissful day of shopping indulgence. With that, I have to take a break from spending because Christmas is just around the corner and shopping for others will soon be on the agenda. It’s going to be crazy and fun. Wish me luck!


Shopping Diary #1

I love to shop… and not just for clothes. Books, shoes, gadgets, bags, DVDs… I purchase all sorts of things. So I thought it would be great to share and write about some of the things I buy from time to time. Today, I went on a quick trip to my favorite mall (Robinson’s Place Manila) after lunch. So for the inaugural blog entry of Shopping Diary, here’s what I bought:

The Sims 3 Deluxe & The Sims 3 High-End Loft Stuff
Php1,795 / Php695

Because I missed playing Sims since I started The Sims Social on Facebook, I’ve decided to buy an original copy of The Sims 3 over two years after it was launched. Pathetic? Maybe. I don’t care.

I just finished installing the game, the expansion pack and the add-ons. I can’t wait to play it. I just have to keep myself in check; because I might lose track of time once I get drowned in the world of Sims yet again.

pockets shirt in lichen (green)

Mango pockets shirt in planita; (inset) discreet cardigan-like stretch material

I would like to rave about this shirt. It’s a brilliant, BRILLIANT design.

It’s never been easy for me to buy shirts with buttons. They usually “almost” fit me fine; but I always run into the same problem so I end up not buying it. Don’t get what I mean? Read on. What makes this shirt design different is thanks to a certain feature on this particular top (see inset above). With it, the shirt fits me perfectly and I’m able to close the shirt up no problem (if you get my drift). Thank you Mango!

I love it so much, I’m planning to buy the other colors next time I pass by the store.

The 40-Year Old Virgin

I remember liking and enjoying this movie. I watched a poor copy years ago and never got around to watching it again. I simply wish to revisit it.

That’s about it for today. It was a quick shopping trip with some good buys. Until the next one…