Behind The Scenes: “GOAL”

As promised, here are some snapshots from my August shoot for the Smart Netphone. As you can see, some scenes were shot in an indoor facility against a HUGE sky backdrop, whereas some were shot outdoors. With a huge patch of astroturf (aka fake grass), we simulated a football field even if we were on cement the whole time. Add a little bit of editing and post magic; and you won’t even realize the tricks we’ve employed. It’s like we were on location the whole time.

You can read more about the project here.



I’m proud to present the latest commercial I was part of. It took two weeks to put together from pre-production to post production, with a couple of weeks back and forth revisions before this finish product. I prefer not to get into the details of that long exchange. I’m just happy we’re airing! Here are the Azkals Aly, Chieffy, Anton, Angel and Nate with Sam Pinto for the new Smart Netphone.

It’s directed by Franco Marinelli, with director of photography Massimo Hanozet and production designer Adelina Leung. Production house: Straight Shooters Media, Inc. Post house: Optima Digital.

It was shot for two days: One day in A-Venue Hall Makati which served as a studio and one day in Quirino Grandstand. I’ll share some behind the scenes photos once I’ve organized them. But for now, what can I say? The whole thing utilized some wonderful tricks here and there, all coming together with the help of a wonderful photo of a beautiful sky… That’s all I can say. You’ll see what I mean if and when I get around to sharing those photos.

The project posed a couple of challenges:
(1) Weather. It was early August. Weather was unpredictable. It was stormy the week before shoot; and so we can’t be sure of shooting all the scenes outdoors.
(2) Celebrities. All Azkals players were only available for one-day shoots. Sam Pinto was only available for one day as well. The list of shots had to be planned well in order to get the footage we need given these conditions.
(3) Extras! Four hundred (400) of them to be exact. This is not the most extras I’ve encountered (record is 500 extras); but we rarely get shoots with this many people involved. This was still a bit of a challenge.

Anyway, with the right tools for organization and the right people on the job, I’m happy to report that the shoot ran fairly smoothly. Being blessed with beautiful weather during our location shoot was just the icing on the cake. I couldn’t believe how sunny it was given that just a few days before, it was practically stormy in Metro Manila. It was also raining hard during our studio (indoor) shoot the day before. We were really lucky that day, so lucky that right after the director declared that it’s a wrap, heavy rain poured. Talk about right timing!

I’m really happy with the final output; and here’s hoping that this product becomes a hit!

UPDATE! Behind the scenes photos are up.