A Story About Heels


That is probably no surprise since I’m a girl. But it has to be said. I love buying them. I love wearing them.

I was organizing my closet this morning; and I got curious about my shoes… I counted how many I currently own, not including house slippers. The magic number is 23 pairs. This covers all my sneakers, heels, boots, flip flops, flats and sandals.

Exhibit A. My Collection of Footwear

Women in America own, on average, 19 pairs of shoes. My number is only a few pairs over that; so it’s not too bad, right? After all, if you look closely at my collection, most of them are worn out and old. I haven’t bought a pair in months. The newest one I own (Vans shoes)… I won at a raffle. Still, this collection is made up of purchases in the past four years that I’ve been earning my own money. I’ve also given away a couple of pairs within that span of time. Who knows how many I’ll own in another four years. I’ll get back to you on that.

Most of the shoes I buy are appropriate for my job: comfortable, without heels, low maintenance. This pretty much covers 75% of my collection (Exhibit A, 2nd row to last row). Chucks are my favorite, followed by Fit Flops, followed by some splurging here and there (Adidas Originals and Onitsuka Tiger).

The shoes across the top of my collection (Exhibit A, 1st row) are for formal events, parties and special occasions. I only bought these over the past two and a half years. I didn’t like going to formal events; and that pretty much buried the need to purchase girly shoes such as heels or style items such as boots. I may have owned some heels in the past… for prom or for my sister’s or my brother’s wedding; but if I could get away with wearing ballet flats instead of heels, I’d grab that opportunity. That’s not the case anymore.

The first pair of heels that were truly mine (I chose it. I paid for it.) are Steve Madden (Exhibit A, 1st row, middle). It was cute. It was not that high. It was easy to pair with simple semi-formal outfits. It was safe.

The second pair I bought changed things. I walked into a Nine West boutique at Gateway Mall and saw a display of shoes on sale. I was thinking of buying boots for a while; and this one caught my eye (Exhibit A, 1st row, 2nd column). However, it was HIGH… four to five inches high. I was reluctant; but my sister pushed me to try it anyway. The moment I wore those heels and stood up. I couldn’t speak. It looked great. It didn’t matter that I may have to practice walking with them at home for the next few months before actually wearing them to an event. I had to buy it. That’s when I learned the power of heels and its effect on the female form. No wonder women go crazy over them.

Given what I do, it’s pretty obvious why I go for comfort when it comes to footwear; but since making that realization a few years back, I guess having a couple of shiny happy heels and boots don’t hurt (that much). Tiis ganda na lang. (Endure suffering for beauty.)