Project Runway Philippines Season 4: #veryveryfashion

Let’s start the show…

The project was awarded over a year ago; and yesterday, the pilot finally aired on ETC. From auditions to the runway shows, it was a long road for our team; but I’m so thankful to have experienced shooting Project Runway Philippines Season 4. It was a far cry from advertising and shooting commercials; yet it was still fun in its own way. Aside from the drama and challenges posed to the designers on cam, a different kind of drama also unfolded behind the scenes… Believe me. Still, we are way past that and everyone’s just really proud and happy with what we’ve put up.

In celebration of the premiere of Project Runway Philippines Season 4, I’m sharing some behind the scenes photos from the first few days of shooting (aka shooting the pilot). Be sure to check out the captions for some interesting info about the show.

Don’t miss the all new #sewlegit season of Project Runway Philippines. New episodes air every Sunday at 8pm on ETC, with primetime replays every Monday at 7PM and every Wednesday at 10PM. Other schedules: Mondays at 12nn, Tuesdays at 7am, Tuesdays at 2pm, Thursdays at 10am, Saturdays at 1pm. No excuse missing it! Make sure to use the hashtags #prponetc #sewlegit #veryveryfashion

Please watch and support the next big names in Philippine fashion.


25 Shows: Amazing Race Asia

Show 10 of 25: AMAZING RACE ASIA

it’s about:
A bunch of teams from Asia go around the world facing different challenges. Whoever finishes first by the end of the final leg, wins.

my earliest history with the show:
I watched The Amazing Race (USA) during its early seasons and liked it. Upon hearing news that an Asian version was being produced, I knew that I just had to catch it. I awaited the series premiere… rooting for the Philippine teams, of course. Unfortunately, the two teams that represented the country got eliminated so early in the competition that I stopped watching right after. I tuned in to the subsequent seasons where we had more luck; and I’ve been watching ever since.

why it sticks:
The idea of franchising a popular reality show is in itself interesting; but executing it is a whole other thing. This could have gone a number of ways; but the production team behind it is faithful to the format. They were successful in translating the show into Asian territories, making it interesting, exciting and fun

The contestants were also diverse and never boring. There were the usual fights and screaming matches during the different challenges, which made everything all the more fun to watch. It is just a wonderfully produced show, which I became really invested in because of the competition between the representatives from different countries. One couldn’t help but root for one’s own country every single time. The added “friendly rivalry” kept me on the edge of my seat every time.

best memory:
For the second and third seasons of The Amazing Race Asia, the Philippines excelled in the game, coming so close to winning but never did. However, it was finally the country’s time to prevail during the fourth season when Rich Hardin and Rich Herrera won it all. It was a great moment. Go Philippines!

the IT list #1

“the IT list” A series of posts that highlight the various stuff, old or new, that I’ve been doing… reading, watching, eating or simply obsessing over recently. It’s my personal countdown.

the IT list #1
Since this is the inaugural list, I’ve got 10 entries. This pretty much covers the past month. I’ve had a lot of free time. My shoot just finished and our post production (editing, etc.) has a very long timetable; and it involves days where we have no activity at all… So I’ve been staying at home, giving me time to drown myself in all sorts of things. Here they are:

It’s what Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, one of my favorite films, was based on. I pored through all six books the past week. The humor and spirit that I expected was all there. It was a weird and quirky little gem that’s completely entertaining. This is a comic that has cemented itself as an iconic graphic novel that defines this generation; and I’m completely on board.

I’m falling in love with Happy Endings. What was once another Friends cardboard cut-out is quickly becoming the comedy I can’t wait to watch every week. The show has found its groove as evidenced by the first two episodes this season. The cast has solidified their chemistry as an ensemble; and it shows.

Street Corner Symphony is one of my favorite groups from the second season of The Sing-Off. These guys have a cool, laid-back attitude and I can feel it from their first album, Unpractice Makes Perfect. They’ve got a great song selection that covers somber tunes (Dead Man’s Will, Drift Away, Mad World) to more upbeat numbers (Hey Soul Sister, Down on the Corner, Everything). This album is currently alternating with my Sing-Off and Top 40 playlists. I love listening to it.

I wrote about the new pair of top-siders that I bought last Monday. Since then, I’ve worn it three times. That’s how much I’m loving these shoes. It’s catching up to Chucks and FitFlops as my favorite footwear.

I found out that the latest season of Junior Masterchef Australia has premiered and four episodes have aired. I got caught up the other day; and the talent is blowing me away yet again. These kiddie chefs made ice cream from scratch, cooked Greek dishes, and made outstanding culinary concoctions from a dozen eggs! I can’t wait to see what else the show has in store for this season.

I started using Lolo Beatburn Treadmill/Outdoor Trainer last May when I decided to jump on our treadmill and start working out. I stopped after 13 workouts because of work. But I’m starting to reacquaint myself with the app. It’s a great companion that provides up to the minute guidance to maximize your workout, with music that adjusts to your speed, and customization depending on your fitness goals. It’s a great tool to get motivated. Highly recommended.

I started getting manicures and pedicures about a year ago. Nail-a-holics was the first nail salon I went to. It was a good experience. Now that they just opened a branch nearby (SM San Lazaro), I went there to get some much-needed pampering the other day. I tried the Gold Coast Manicure, Pedicure, Foot Spa with Mud Mask for Php750. Needless to say, my feet and hands were thankful afterwards. I’m definitely coming back.

Before Scott Pilgrim, I read Persepolis. It was the only book I bought from The Manila Book Fair. I watched the movie over 2 years ago; so I decided to get my hands on the graphic novel that inspired it. I usually read it before going to sleep; so it took me longer to finish. However, it’s hardly a book you would get bored reading. I found myself finishing over 50 pages on the first night, even if I was already sleepy when I started. The book is insightful. It opened me up to a world where war is the norm. It has introduced me to a history I never knew through the eyes of the author. Solid writing and engaging illustrations made for a great read. It has made me want to watch the movie again soon.

I’m obsessed with this show once again. Much like last year, I’m finding myself listening to The Sing-Off songs over and over again. A cappella is one of the greatest musical art forms; and I’m so thankful to this show for introducing me to how great it could be. Currently on repeat: Grenade and What Do You Want From Me by Delilah, American Boy by Afro Blue, Wicked Game by Sonos, E.T. by Pentatonix, Just Can’t Get Enough by Urban Method, Dynamite by Yellow Jackets… sheesh, might as well say EVERYTHING!

If you love California Maki and sushi; but you don’t want to spend a lot, then Gryn Wasabi is the way to go. I discovered this establishment about two years ago; and has been my go-to merienda for client presentations. We served it for an interlock (presentation) earlier this week. You can’t go wrong with 124 pieces for only Php600! There’s no catch. The presentation is great. The food is good. The price is right.

The Sing-Off Is Back!

Two episodes have come and gone; and I am so thrilled with the new season. My favorite reality singing competition is back with a lot more competitors (16 groups), a new judge (Sara Bareilles replaces Nicole Scherzinger) and loads of raw talent waiting to be discovered.

Last year, I raved about The Sing-Off and enumerated the reasons why this is one of the most refreshing reality shows on television. I was hooked. I am a HUGE fan.

Judges Ben Folds, Sara Bareilles and Shawn Stockman

This year, the show will have more episodes than usual. With sixteen groups competing, they’ve had to divide them into two brackets, each composed of 8 groups. This means more performances, more eliminations and more episodes. In two weeks, however, they’ve already eliminated four groups; so I’m thinking it won’t be dragged out too long compared to other singing competitions.

Of course, with more competitors being featured in the show, there is a danger of not having as many good performers. I was worried for nothing. The talent this year is unbelievable. I can’t imagine eliminating over half of these amazing groups in the next couple of weeks. The bar is set even higher; and it shows. I couldn’t stop thinking, “Damn, they’re good.” or “That’s so cool.” or “What the…” It’s too bad this show is only on once a week. I could not get enough of the a cappella goodness.

The current panel still proves to be the most effective judges ever. Shawn Stockman, Ben Folds and Sara Bereilles make a good team. I liked Nicole; but she was probably the weakest judge last year. Sara B is a wonderful replacement. As usual, all of their input are valuable to the contestants. They continue to give constructive criticism. No theatrics involved. We’re all about the singing, people!

It’s still too early to tell who are the strongest teams based on one performance each. However, I do have my favorites from the past two episodes. Watch and weep.



Congratulations Shamcey!

We came so close to the crown once again.

Our bet for this year’s Miss Universe Shamcey Supsup made it to the Top 5 and won Third Runner-Up… one place higher than last year’s Bb. Pilipinas – Universe Venus Raj. Way to go Philippines!

Bb. Pilipinas – Universe 2011 and Miss Universe 2011 3rd Runner-Up Shamcey Supsup

So close… grabe! Still, she deserved a much higher place in my opinion. Her answer in the Q&A was good, one of the hosts said it herself. Miss Universe 2011 Leila Lopes of Angola got a pretty easy question (care of Ms. Lea Salonga). However, I couldn’t deny that she’s beautiful. It was still a well-deserved win.

Anyway, the best thing about this is that next year, even more Pinays with beauty and brains will join the pageant. What has long been an event that only the “judings” (read: gays) tune in to has been revived… much like the nineties when the pageant itself was held here. Ano? Panalo na tayo next year? The pressure is on!

The Kids Are All Right

Since a Pinoy Edition is on its way, I recently sank my teeth into one of the more popular incarnations of the Masterchef series: Junior Masterchef Australia.

I finished season one just now… I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. Now I understand all the fuss surrounding this reality show franchise.

The fact that these are just kids I’m watching constantly astonished me. With the level of difficulty and complexity in which they’re cooking, these 8 to 12 year olds held their own and proved that age is just a number; and literally anyone can cook.

Watching these young people cook, I also see how much better they are than adults on certain levels. One, they are able to focus. Compared to the contestants on Top Chef, the cheflings in Junior Masterchef Australia are mostly cool, calm and collected. They rarely get rattled as they cook; and that usually results in fantastic looking dishes that the judges love. Two, there’s a good mix of friendship and healthy competition going on. No one gets caught up in scheming, or comparing themselves to each other. No one blows their top over the littlest things. These kids show us a thing or two about sportsmanship, mutual respect and moral support towards competitors. Their team challenges are a refreshing thing to watch. There’s no bickering. There’s hardly any screaming. The competitors just stick to the task at hand. Three, at the end of the day, it’s all about being there to do what you love. These kids are simply thrilled to be cooking in the Masterchef Kitchen, meeting celebrity chefs and cooking amazing food. They just have fun; and that’s what matters. Getting that far into the competition is a big enough deal, winning the whole thing would just be icing on the cake.

I honestly can’t wait to see what ABS-CBN will offer in the Pinoy Edition. From what I’m seeing, the set looks great and the kids have got plenty of potential… The line up of judges looks good as well.

Here’s a sneak peek… Junior Masterchef Pinoy Edition premieres August 27, Saturday, 6:45pm on ABS-CBN.