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Aside from their many temples, hanok villages and museums, South Korea has a whole catalog of activities to offer tourists. You will never run out of things to see and do when you’re there. We visited as many sights and attractions as we could. That was the goal. Here are some of my stops:

Accessible from: Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station (Seoul Subway Line 4), Exit 1.
What I Saw/Did:
– I was lucky enough to be in South Korea when the My Love from the Star Exhibit was on display at DDP. It was exciting to see the actual set pieces and props from the show.
Why Go There:
Feel free to stop by if you feel like there’s currently an exhibit that may be worth your time. It was mostly fortunate timing on our part that this became one of our first stops during the trip.
**I just learned that the same exhibit is currently ongoing until 08.31.2015! However, it’s now at KINTEX 2 Outdoor Special Exhibition. Don’t miss it!

Accessible from: Myeong-dong Station (Seoul Subway Line 4), walk for about 15 minutes to reach the street laying next to Pacific Hotel. The boarding place should be seen.
What I Saw/Did:
– The line to the cable car was pretty long; so my companions and I took a risk and conquered the long, winding staircase up Namsan Mountain. We were all VERY exhausted by the time we reached the top.
– Saw the famous Locks of Love.
– Visited Alive Museum and took a lot of hilarious pictures. This served as our alternative to the Trick Eye Museum in Hongdae, which we didn’t have time to go to anymore.
– Went up the observatory to see fantastic views of Seoul.
– Wrote on postcards and sent them to my parents.
– Shopped at the observatory gift shop.
– Rode the cable car going down Namsan Mountain.
Why Go There:
The view from the observatory is just beautiful. This is one of those places that you must go to when in Seoul… especially if you’re with a loved one. It is especially good to start going up just when the sun is about to set. That way, you’d get to see the view as it transitions from day to night (like I did).

Accessible from:
– City Hall, Jonggak, Jongno 3-ga, Jongno 5-ga, Dongdaemun, Sinseol-dong (Seoul Subway Line 1)
– City Hall, Euljiro 1-ga, Euljiro 3-ga, Euljiro 4-ga, Sindang, Sangwangsimni (Seoul Subway Line 2)
– Jongno 3-ga (Seoul Subway Line 1, 3 and 5)
– Dongdaemun History & Culture Park (Seoul Subway Line 4)
– Gwanghwamun (Seoul Subway Line 5)
What I Saw/Did:
– Took a leisurely walk along the stream.
– Watched a laser show.
– Dipped my toes in the shallow stream and rested for a bit while doing some people watching.
Why Go There:
This is a very relaxing place to go to. Here, you can take it easy and just walk around to appreciate the sights and sounds of the many attractions along this long stretch.

Accessible from: Yeouinaru Station (Seoul Subway Line 5), Exit 3 OR Sincheon Station (Seoul Subway Line 2), Exit 6.
What I Saw/Did:
– Enjoyed the 40-minute Sail Around Course that gave a glimpse of the many attractions that can be seen from the Hangang River which flows through Seoul.
Why Go There:
This is one of our stops that I enjoyed the most. It was simply relaxing to feel the wind through my hair, see the sights along the river and take many, many pictures. This is another activity that is best experienced just before sunset so you hit that magic hour.

Accessible from: Chuncheon Station (Gyeongchun Line). Purchase the shuttle bus ticket that allows you to go around Chuncheon for a package rate. This is especially ideal if you also plan to stop by Petite France and/or Garden of the Morning Calm. Be aware of the scheduled stops, though! They are always on time!
What I Saw/Did:
– Walked around the tiny island and enjoyed nature! Again, I took a lot of pictures.
– Saw the famous Winter Sonata film locations (although I haven’t watched that particular series).
Why Go There:
If you love nature, feel free to visit Nami Island; because it is definitely a beautiful place where you could just take a walk and appreciate the trees, flowers and ponds… You might even spot a squirrel or two (I saw a bunch of them all over the island!). If you’re a fan of Winter Sonata, then there’s no doubt you must visit this place.

Accessible from: Refer to Nami Island (above)
What I Saw/Did:
– Enjoyed this charming French cultural village inspired by the book The Little Prince. Picture picture!
Why Go There:
If you’ve watched Secret Garden and My Love from the Star (like I have), then visiting this place will feel quite surreal… definitely a must-see. If not, then simply be drawn by the adorable and colorful houses that surround the place. It’s all really cute and picturesque.

Accessible from: Dongjak Station (Seoul Subway Line 4), Exit 1 or 2.
What I Saw/Did:
– Sat by the riverside, had some chicken & beer, and enjoyed the lights show.
Why Go There:
This is another one of those places where you could sit back, relax and enjoy the view in front of you. It was just so chill seeing all the other people doing the same thing; and I really loved the atmosphere.

Accessible from:
– Sinnonhyeon Station, Gangnam Station, Yangjae Station: Bus 5002
– Pangyo, Segok-dong, Suseo Station, Songpa Station, Jamsil Station, Gangbyeon Station: Bus 5700
– Sadang Station, Nambu Terminal (Bundang and Gwangju via): Bus 1500-2
– Gangbyeon Station, Gangdong Station (via Gwangju): Bus 1113
What I Saw/Did:
– Enjoyed the rides, shows and attractions.
Why Go There:
It’s THE theme park to go to when in South Korea… a must when you’re with kids or with friends. Don’t miss T Express, Rotating House, Rolling X Train and Hurricane. Also, if you have time, be sure to catch the K-Pop Hologram show, watch their afternoon and night parades, and don’t ever miss the fireworks/laser show at night before closing.

From the exciting, to the relaxing, to the breathtaking… South Korea has a lot to offer kids and adults alike. It is a beautiful country filled with endless surprises and stunning attractions. I really loved seeing all these places.

enjoying the Hangang River Ferry Cruise

enjoying the Hangang River Ferry Cruise

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