the IT list #9: “S”

“the IT list” A series of posts that highlight the various stuff, old or new, that I’ve been doing… reading, watching, eating or simply obsessing over recently. It’s my personal countdown.

the IT list #9

This edition is sponsored by the letter “S” (an honest coincidence).

I absolutely love Suits. I’ve already read and heard about this show a couple of times; but only got around to watching it a few weeks ago. When I started with the pilot, I couldn’t stop. I finished 7 episodes in one night… Yup, slept at 1am.
The show is smart, quick and funny. The characters are likable and the cases are always interesting. The second season has especially stepped it up. The current story arc has raised the stakes; and I’m more involved than ever. I now have another lawyer show to obsess over (the other being The Good Wife).

“We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” is the first single off of Taylor Swift’s upcoming album RED. I recently purchased it off of the iTunes Store (where it’s currently at #1).
Anyway, I’ve always been a fan of Taylor Swift since her album Fearless. I like how every song is a story and you know that it comes from somewhere very personal. This one is no exception. The lyrics are to be taken as is; and it’s set to a tune that is really addictive and catchy. I’m really liking it.

This game has been around for a while; but I only started playing Snoopy’s Street Fair a few days ago. Someone told me this game is nakakatunganga (leaves you idle for a while); and I would have to agree 100%
The premise is simple; but it’s just a lot of fun to play. I can’t let an hour or two pass by without checking on the progress of my booths and ongoing constructions. You just want to level up and make your money grow. Plus, Snoopy and the Peanuts gang are just so cute!

Sherlock is a show that everyone’s talking about; but I put off watching it until a month ago. With each episode being one and a half hours long, I’ve only finished 5 out of 6. I take my sweet time appreciating each and every episode; because it’s an intelligent show… a bit exhausting at times… but it’s extremely engaging. The show is quick-witted and brilliantly executed. Best of all, it features characters with an amazing chemistry. All credit, of course, goes to Benedict Cumberbatch (as Sherlock Holmes) and Martin Freeman (as Dr. John Watson).
So far, The Scandal in Belgravia stood out the most. The storytelling is amazing. The mystery is intricately told; and the revelations unfolded quite cleverly. It’s just awesome television.

I can’t stop raving about this cake! This particular strawberry shortcake from Mary Grace is soft, fluffy, moist and not too sweet. Best of all, it doesn’t scrimp on the strawberries. Every bite is simply yummy.


the IT list #7

“the IT list” A series of posts that highlight the various stuff, old or new, that I’ve been doing… reading, watching, eating or simply obsessing over recently. It’s my personal countdown.

the IT list #7

I’ve bought my ticket; and I can’t wait to attend Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Ball, which is presented by Ovation Productions. It will be held at the brand spanking new Mall of Asia Arena on May 21, 2012. I missed her concert the first time she came to Manila; so there’s no way I’m passing up this opportunity to watch her live. I believe it’s going to be epic. I can’t wait!

This brilliant app is like Pictionary among friends; and it has provided me with endless entertainment the past few weeks. With such a simple concept, it’s terribly addictive. If you have an Android or Apple device, this is the app you should download now. Connect with Facebook and play with friends! You don’t need to be a brilliant artist to play this, though some sites may make you insecure about your drawing ability. (See: Best of Draw Something) Still, it’s a lot of fun to try to draw as well as guess your friends attempts to draw. It’s another way to connect with people and share something with them without ever having to meet face-to-face.

I’ve been wanting to buy this gaming console for a while; and I finally gave in… So far, I’m loving this toy. Kinect allows you to play games that make you move, dance and jump without a need to hold a device in your hand. It’s a lot of fun for the whole family. Games like Kinect Sports, Dance Central and PowerUp Heroes have kept me preoccupied the past Holy Week. It’s probably one of the coolest things I’ve ever owned in my life.

You either love it or think it’s “too gay;” but I’m personally loving Smash. I believe it’s an engaging portrayal of what it takes to stage a Broadway musical… from the producer to the director to the writers to the talents. As with any series, there are characters I could do without (Ellis, please!) and I could survive without the personal drama that borders on cliched (adultery, mean girls picking on the new girl, boyfriend drama). What I like is how the musical Marilyn/Bombshell has taken different directions… just like any production in real life. It also doesn’t dwell too much on performing as many songs as possible. And when they do perform a song, original or otherwise, it’s organic to the scene and it’s beautifully done. I’m glued to the show and I hope it only gets better from here.

I’ve known of this site for a while; but it’s only been recently that I got addicted to reading every entry on 9Gag. What can I say? The submissions make me laugh… most of the time. It introduced me to derp and derpina. It made me know about Ridiculously Photogenic Guy before anyone else. Bad Luck Brian, trolling, “Bitch, Please!” and everything in between… They’ve got it. It’s a good source of entertainment when I’m idling by with nothing to do while on the computer.

Shopping Diary #4

With nothing to do at home, I watched What’s Your Number? at Robinson’s Place Manila and did some shopping on the side.

The Sims 3 Pets Limited Edition

This Sims 3 Pets expansion pack has just been released and I can’t wait to take care of my own pet in the game. I want a pony!

black jacket/blazer
Php622.50 (50% off from Php1,245)

This is under Missy by Bayo. I’m happy to have finally found a good, comfortable blazer that could easily go with most of my tops to achieve an instant smart casual look. Most importantly, it was on sale at half off! It might not have been the ideal color; because I already have a black blazer from Freeway. But this one is looser and longer with a different style.

Femme Fatale Deluxe Edition

I love Britney’s latest album Femme Fatale. However, I held off on buying a physical copy mainly because of the packaging. I’m not a fan of slim CD covers made of cardboard. I saw this deluxe edition in the record store and checked the track listing… There are 4 new songs! That was reason enough to go and buy it.

Seriously… I’m Kidding by Ellen Degeneres

I love Ellen Degeneres! I read one of her early books (My Point… And I Do Have One) and loved it. I just love her humor; and I like how her train of thought goes into so many different directions. It’s crazy! I’m hoping this book has more of that. It will be a quick read for sure.

Shopping Diary #3

I went with my family to Trinoma yesterday. I was on the lookout for a boyfriend blazer and new skin care products. I wasn’t able to find a good blazer; but here’s my haul:

 clockwise from top left: t-shirt, skin care products and denim shorts


In buying simple tops, I usually imagine wearing it with clothes I already own. I saw this shirt and liked its simple and graphic design, in a color I don’t have yet. It would go well with a number of my jeans and button shirts.

denim shorts

I hunted high and low for a good blazer. I went to BayoZaraMangoTop ShopPromod… The last stop was Dorothy Perkins. I saw some blazers; but didn’t like how they looked on me. I ended up in the denim section of the store and found these simple but great-looking shorts. I only recently started purchasing shorts; so I don’t have that many. It was a good buy.

Black Bamboo Deep Cleansing Foam
Pore Minimizer Clay Mask
Dewy Flower Toner
Herb Day Cleansing Wipes
Proteline Hair Treatment at Bench Fix

The last of my toner has been depleted; and my cleanser is almost out. It was my mission to go buy some new skin care products before they run out. I go back to The Face Shop to try other variants of their skin care lines. The cleansing wipes were an added purchase so that I could reach Php1,500 and avail of the free hair treatment from Bench Fix.

Another weekend, another great shopping trip. However, the hunt for a good boyfriend blazer continues…

Shopping Diary #1

I love to shop… and not just for clothes. Books, shoes, gadgets, bags, DVDs… I purchase all sorts of things. So I thought it would be great to share and write about some of the things I buy from time to time. Today, I went on a quick trip to my favorite mall (Robinson’s Place Manila) after lunch. So for the inaugural blog entry of Shopping Diary, here’s what I bought:

The Sims 3 Deluxe & The Sims 3 High-End Loft Stuff
Php1,795 / Php695

Because I missed playing Sims since I started The Sims Social on Facebook, I’ve decided to buy an original copy of The Sims 3 over two years after it was launched. Pathetic? Maybe. I don’t care.

I just finished installing the game, the expansion pack and the add-ons. I can’t wait to play it. I just have to keep myself in check; because I might lose track of time once I get drowned in the world of Sims yet again.

pockets shirt in lichen (green)

Mango pockets shirt in planita; (inset) discreet cardigan-like stretch material

I would like to rave about this shirt. It’s a brilliant, BRILLIANT design.

It’s never been easy for me to buy shirts with buttons. They usually “almost” fit me fine; but I always run into the same problem so I end up not buying it. Don’t get what I mean? Read on. What makes this shirt design different is thanks to a certain feature on this particular top (see inset above). With it, the shirt fits me perfectly and I’m able to close the shirt up no problem (if you get my drift). Thank you Mango!

I love it so much, I’m planning to buy the other colors next time I pass by the store.

The 40-Year Old Virgin

I remember liking and enjoying this movie. I watched a poor copy years ago and never got around to watching it again. I simply wish to revisit it.

That’s about it for today. It was a quick shopping trip with some good buys. Until the next one…

The Sims Social

It’s been a long time since I played games on Facebook. I last played Wheel of Fortune a couple of weeks ago; and even that got tiring. I never got into Farmville, and at most I was addicted to Cafe World. However, it got repetitive after a while especially when I’ve reached the higher levels and there wasn’t much else to work for.

The other day, I discovered The Sims Social on Facebook. The brand name Sims is in itself something that pulled me to try out the game… no questions asked. It’s currently in its beta stage, so it’s fairly new. At first, it took too long to load so I didn’t enjoy it that much. But for the past couple of days, game play has improved; and I’ve progressed quite well because it’s so addictive.

The Sims Social comes close to the real game in that you get to customize the look of your Sim, earn money, buy outfits, design your house, learn different skills and build (or ruin) relationships with neighbors who, in this case, are your Facebook friends. The catch is, you have limited game play in that you run out of energy (which recharges every 5 minutes); and you have to ask for help from friends to accomplish certain tasks. Even your furniture needs some building before you could use it.

Despite these differences with the real Sims game, it still brought me back to college when I would spend hours on end staring at my PC and making my Sim as successful and rich as possible. I also remember obsessing over my house design and making it as huge as I could make it. The Sims Social has me hooked. Every time I think that I’ve recharged enough energy, I log in and play again. I’m loving it. I hope it sustains my interest for the foreseeable future.

Here’s a short trailer to pique your curiosity about the game. The community is quickly growing so don’t get left behind. Play now!