Shopping Diary #11: Shoe Love

I’m concentrating on shoes for this shopping diary. These weren’t bought in one go but over a period of time. I’ve been slowly updating my collection for the past year; since most of my sneakers/sandals have worn out and a few of them I rarely wear anymore… I had to say goodbye. My preference still gravitates toward comfortable footwear that are more appropriate for work; but I have recently developed a love for ballet flats rather than just rubber shoes and sneakers.

Cleo in Leopard
Alexandra in Black

I love this brand of flats. They’re really comfortable and stylish. When I wear them, it almost feels like I’m barefoot, which is just the way I like it.

I bought the leopard Cleos first… wanting to try out foldable flats without spending too much. I was so happy with it that I bought the Alexandra a few months later. I needed a more basic style that could be worn with almost anything. Every time I pass by their stall/store, I get tempted to buy another pair. It’s definitely a brand I highly recommend as an alternative to the more expensive ones out there on the market.

Chuck Taylor Classic White

My personal style in recent years has been leaning towards simple, basic pieces; and a pair of white Chucks is as basic as you could get.

Before I bought these, I was down to my last pair of black Chucks that are way way too worn out (over 5 years old and counting… but I still kept them). Plus, I’ve recently developed a love for boyfriend jeans and they go well with… yup, the classic white Chuck Taylors. I just had to buy a pair.

Air Max 90 Essential


No other explanation… I just WANTED A PAIR. I just HAD TO HAVE it. You know that feeling? It’s just so beautiful!! Unfortunately, the good designs of the Air Max (especially for women) haven’t arrived in Philippine shores. I’m so thankful to someone who did me a huge favor and brought a pair back to the country for me. Thank you!

Gold Reva Flats
(on sale from Php12250)

For the past few months, I’ve been looking for a good pair of nude ballet flats. The search ended last week (but I ended up buying gold flats!).

I came across the Tory Burch sale at Rustan’s, tried a pair of the nude-colored Eddie flats and they didn’t really suit me or my skin tone. The gold Revas caught my eye and seemed like the next best thing so I tried them on. Gold is not my usual style; but the design isn’t on the heavy metallic side so it was just right for me. It served as a great alternative to nude flats. Plus, armed with the gift certificates I received last Christmas, I was able to save even more on this pretty big purchase. I can’t wait to wear these everywhere.


Shopping Diary #10: Apple Crazy

It’s been over a year since I’ve posted a shopping diary. Still, I’ve bought many different things throughout 2013, both for myself and for others. I just decided not to share all of them here. For the last quarter of the year, however, I rewarded myself with some truly wonderful items… all a product of hard work and year-long savings.

Anyway, I went a little Mac crazy and purchased the latest in Apple gadgets and accessories. Take note, though, that I didn’t buy all these in one day; and I didn’t dump all my savings into these “gifts.” These were budgeted and planned according to what I could afford (which is what everyone should do).

iPhone 5S Space Grey

My Best Ever Super Plan plus Cash Out (24-month lock-in)

It’s been 2 years since I got my iPhone 4S; and it hasn’t been working as great as it used to. After all, it fell into the water over a year ago and certain functions (such as the camera and the silent mode) aren’t at their optimal performance. I decided early on to recontract once my plan expires. Enter iPhone 5S.

Despite its confusing and more complicated billing plan, I stuck with Globe for convenience. With a little cash out and an upgraded plan, I now have the latest Apple smart phone that has so far delivered in terms of performance (great speed and screen quality) and features (amazing camera with slow motion, touch ID, etc.).

iPad Air White/Silver

I’ve been eyeing the iPad Mini since March; and I promised myself that I will buy the latest model once it comes out this year. However, my plan suddenly changed when I held an iPad Air in my hand for the first time (courtesy of a director who bought one for himself). I was convinced. With a bigger screen size and its much lighter weight (compared to older iPads), I just had to go for the Air. Its screen size is perfect for reading my magazines (Zinio, Newsstand), editing my documents (Evernote, DocsToGo) and playing games (Sims Freeplay, Bejeweled, Scrabble, Secret Passages). I would have been constrained by the iPad Mini when it comes to these apps.

The iPad Air has become a fitting alternative to lugging my laptop to work everyday. I just love it so much… by far my favorite gadget now.

Lab.C USB Case for iPhone 5/5S


I just love multifunctional accessories; and the Lab.C iPhone 5/5S case is exactly that with its innovative design. Aside from protecting my iPhone, it also has an 8gb USB built into the case. This way, I can bring my important files with me anywhere; and since the USB is virtually part of my phone, I’m always reminded if someone has borrowed or is using it… No more leaving my USB anywhere.

Olloclip 4-in-1 iPhone Lens


I love taking photos with my phone; and the Olloclip 4-in-1 iPhone Lens elevates the quality of my shots with minimal effort. Despite its simple design, I get four different lenses in one device: fisheye, wide, 10x macro and 15x macro. It’s so much fun experimenting with the lenses and the effects they create. Definitely a must for any iphoneography enthusiast.

With technology like what we have right now, there’s no doubt in my mind that this isn’t the last time I’ll go gadget crazy. The important thing is that they were well thought out purchases, all of which I have no regrets spending on. I’m absolutely happy to have them… Merry Christmas to me!

Shopping Diary #9: Spree

I just went on a much needed shopping spree. It’s my reward for working so hard the past month. Remember that big project I mentioned a couple of posts ago? It has just finished; and I’ve been catching up on rest, watching new shows and buying beautiful stuff with my paycheck.

Here’s the damage I’ve done at Trinoma:

blue top


I’ve recently discovered that this loose, comfortable style suits me quite well. I also like the lace-like detail because it’s girly yet casual. Paired with a light racer back and shorts and I’m good to go.

DIGITAL WALKER Notebook Wrap Designed by Coldplay


It’s been a while since I last bought a notebook cover. This one is perfect because it’s unique (the wrap design looks really cool), it’s blue (my favorite color), it’s designed by Coldplay (one of my favorite bands) and it’s for a good cause. Royalties for the design have been waived by the celebrity donors in support of Whatever It Takes, an artwork campaign that contributes to a number of causes. (Learn more about them from their site.)

tomato red cardigan

Php1,500 — from Php2,295

I love cardigans. I pair them with anything and everything; because it’s just so comfortable. It will also keep me warm in the coming (cool) months. I particularly liked this one because of the color (I don’t have a red one yet), the loose pockets on the sides and last but not the least, the sale price!

camel blazer


Blazers are the perfect weapon to style up any outfit. I already have two black ones (Freeway & Bayo) and a green one (Cotton On). And with a price like this, I just had to buy this camel-colored one. I especially liked the pinstripe detail when you roll up the sleeves. Paired with a plain shirt, jeans and a simple necklace… Instant casual chic. Nice.

wall clock


The wall clock in our room hasn’t been working for weeks. It’s about time I found a replacement. After looking at expensive models from stores like Dimensione, I decided to check out the selections from the nearest department store — Landmark. Lo and behold… Here’s a design I like at an unbelievably cheap price!

soft leather handbag with shoulder strap


I usually splurge the most on bags. Needless to say, this item did the most damage. It costs more than everything else combined. Still, I have no regrets buying it. I first saw this bag at their Gateway branch. I didn’t buy it at once because I wanted to look at other bags first. In the end, I couldn’t find anything else that matched this in terms of price and design. (The other bag I was eyeing is close to Php15,000!!! Scary!) Anyway, I love the soft leather material and its simplicity is just my style. It’s my first time to buy from Pabder so I hope the quality will speak for itself in the long run.

And that’s it… Six items. One blissful day of shopping indulgence. With that, I have to take a break from spending because Christmas is just around the corner and shopping for others will soon be on the agenda. It’s going to be crazy and fun. Wish me luck!

Shopping Diary #8: Scarves

I don’t really wear scarves. It’s not a normal part of the tropical country wardrobe; and I don’t know a single thing about how to wear them or how to properly match it with my everyday clothes. I have accumulated a grand total of two scarves through the years; but I haven’t worn them even once. However, the past weekend, I found myself buying two scarves that are pretty different from each other; and they look so nice, I couldn’t wait to use them… especially as we enter the colder part of the year.

gray infinity scarf

Php300 — from Php800++

I only learned about infinity scarves after buying this item and researching what it’s called online. Infinity (aka circle, tube or eternity scarf) is a style of scarf that has no end… hence termed as such. I always see this being used in fall fashions, wrapped around the neck over a jacket or used as a cover-up. With its nice, laid-back design and simple color, I could easily pair this with a number of wardrobe staples.

‘God Save the Queen’ printed square scarf

Php745 — from Php800++

I love the print on this scarf! It really stood out from the rack and I grabbed it immediately. Its simple white base with a splash of red and blue gives it an edge over the usual patterned or plain scarves. This could be paired with plain tops or jackets, serving to punch up a simple outfit.

3) i just doubled my scarves!

And here they are… my very small collection. I’ve been actively researching about how to wear scarves; and I’m pretty inspired. Hopefully, I’d get to use them more often from now on. I’m sharing some of them here; so enjoy…

scarf-tying guides
how to tie a scarf based on style


Shopping Diary #7: Amazon Love

For many years now, I’ve been buying from That’s my go-to online store for books, toys and TV shows on DVD that I wouldn’t find anywhere in the Philippines. I recently received my latest set of purchases and I’d like to share them here.

Minions 3-Piece Set
$21.99 — now $37.99

I just loved the animated film Despicable Me. What’s especially cute about the movie are one, Agnes; and two, the minions! It just baffles me how everywhere in Manila I see Angry Birds toys when all I want are some cute minions plushies! I bought this 3-piece set, two were given to my nieces and one is all for me! That’s a whole lot of cute in a small package!

Friday Night Lights: The Complete Series
$84.99 — now $74.99

I absolutely loves this show from the moment I watched the pilot until the series took a bow in 2011. I could never stop gushing about it (and I still sing praises until today); because it is without a doubt, one of the most outstanding shows ever made on television. This boxed set is the ultimate Friday Night Lights collection. All 76 episodes in a neat little compilation filled with amazing photos from the show. One of these days, I’ll start watching this amazing show from the beginning… just so I could once again remind myself of how good this show is.

Daria: The Complete Animated Series
$27.99 — now $37.49

One of the smartest, wittiest comedies of my generation. Daria introduced me to dry humor and uncompromising sarcasm in the face of ridiculous circumstances. It’s another one of my all-time favorites; and I’m just so happy to have the complete collection of episodes in my hands. will always be one of the best sources for anything and everything you wish to purchase online. I’ve been trusting it for a while and I probably continue to do so in the foreseeable future.

Shopping Diary #6: Pottermania

I bought these things a few weeks apart; but they do have something in common… They’re both Harry Potter-related!

I’m a bit of a Potterhead; and these two purchases are pretty substantial (read: expensive) but DEFINITELY worth it in my opinion. These are both in my Christmas Wish List; so I’m really happy to have given myself these “gifts.”

Harry Potter: Page to Screen

This book chronicles the complete filmmaking journey that Harry Potter took… from the words written by JK Rowling into a once-in-a-lifetime film franchise. We are guided through the whole process. Learn more about how they chose the screenwriter, director and cast. Find out about character design, production design and special effects that successfully brought everything to life. It’s all there and so much more. It has a lot of wonderful illustrations, pictures and anecdotes that give fans like me insight into the making of all the films. Working in production myself, it’s even more amazing to read and find out about how Hollywood made movie magic happen.

Harry Potter: The Complete 8-Film Collection

I have never been this excited to own a complete film collection since the Lord of the Rings set I bought over three years ago. I waited to own this ever since the first film came out in 2001. After ten years, it’s finally out… All the films have been finished and the complete story of Harry Potter has been translated to screen.

This set has 17 discs in all. Each of the 8 films consists of their respective two-disc special editions; and there’s a bonus disc entitled “Hogwarts’ Last Stand,” which is a 35-minute featurette about the making of the final film.

At this price, each disc is approximately Php247, which I think is worth every penny. I was so excited that I decided to re-watch the entire series since purchasing the set. I’m now on the special features of the second film.

I don’t know if a  better sort of collection will be released in the future; but this one’s pretty good enough for me. All the films are packed with special features; and it’s all placed in a neat box. After all, I think ten years has been enough of a wait to have the complete collection in my hands, don’t you think?

I absolutely love this set. Anyway, I’m off to continue my movie marathon… Can’t wait to finish everything!

Shopping Diary #5

Here are some of my purchases the past week… Yes, some is the key word. This is one of the consequences of not keeping busy with projects. There’s nothing else to do but shop and spend my hard-earned money. Still, I promise that I’m keeping expenses in check and living within my means. Besides, some of what I bought are just TMI (too much information) if shared, and others are products subject to trial or testing before I (may or may not) write about them.

 (counter-clockwise from left: red dress from DP, shorts from Bench, and jacket from F21)

red dress

I have between 3-4 dresses in my closet. I rarely buy them. I barely have a need to wear them. I fit this dress in black at first; but being Fil-Chi, I might not be able to use it as much for appropriate occasions. I went with this dark red dress instead. The color is bold, I know; but the style and fit is great for me. It’s also got a classic look. I think it could go with black leggings and boots, or it may be worn with a pair of simple heels. Plus, I won’t have a problem looking for something to wear to a birthday celebration!

Anyway, it wasn’t my intention at first; but looking at it again this morning, it reminded me of Jenna’s dress for the formal in Awkward‘s season finale (inset photos above). Cute!


Having enough jeans in my wardrobe, I’m now looking for more shorts. It’s only now that I’m getting used to wearing them in public. This one’s loose and comfortable, great for casual everyday wear.

black varsity jacket

I wanted to order a personalized varsity jacket online at first; but buying this off the rack is so much more convenient. There are a lot of stores selling varsity jackets now. What I like about this one is that it’s simple. The material’s not too thick, just right for Philippine weather. It doesn’t have those huge, bold letters in front (because I’m not that young anymore); and it’s really comfortable to wear (fabric inside is silky).