Project Runway Philippines Season 4: #veryveryfashion

Let’s start the show…

The project was awarded over a year ago; and yesterday, the pilot finally aired on ETC. From auditions to the runway shows, it was a long road for our team; but I’m so thankful to have experienced shooting Project Runway Philippines Season 4. It was a far cry from advertising and shooting commercials; yet it was still fun in its own way. Aside from the drama and challenges posed to the designers on cam, a different kind of drama also unfolded behind the scenes… Believe me. Still, we are way past that and everyone’s just really proud and happy with what we’ve put up.

In celebration of the premiere of Project Runway Philippines Season 4, I’m sharing some behind the scenes photos from the first few days of shooting (aka shooting the pilot). Be sure to check out the captions for some interesting info about the show.

Don’t miss the all new #sewlegit season of Project Runway Philippines. New episodes air every Sunday at 8pm on ETC, with primetime replays every Monday at 7PM and every Wednesday at 10PM. Other schedules: Mondays at 12nn, Tuesdays at 7am, Tuesdays at 2pm, Thursdays at 10am, Saturdays at 1pm. No excuse missing it! Make sure to use the hashtags #prponetc #sewlegit #veryveryfashion

Please watch and support the next big names in Philippine fashion.


Shoot! Shoot! Shoot!

I’m riddled with guilt; because I haven’t posted a single entry this year… and it’s already JULY! The first six months of 2014 just whizzed by; and I’ve either been too busy or too tired to even think about writing. It’s a happy problem, though, so I’m really thankful.

Still, better late than never. Now that I’ve finally pushed myself to write an entry, I’m going to kick off my blog this 2014 with a quick roundup of some projects I’ve been busy with for the first half of the year (different clients and different directors, FYI). This way, you’ll catch a glimpse of the crazy first half of my year (and hopefully understand my long hiatus from posting).

This was an AVP shot on location in Pinto Gallery in Antipolo. We set up and shot features for three different photographers in a single location, which was a real challenge. But we did it!

Client: Canon Philippines | Agency: Publicis JimenezBasic
Director: Mark Mendoza | DOP: Sol Galang | Assistant Director: Randolph Longjas | Production Designer: Zaldy Manalang
Production House: Straight Shooters | Post Production: Engine Room

This was shot in a house in Balete Drive, I kid you not. The house is pretty creepy; but the cheerful and happy nature of this board more than made up for it. The kids were great!

Client: Nestlé Philippines | Agency: Publicis Manila
Director: Pancho Esguerra | DOP: Monchie Redoble | Choreographer: Ickay Eusebio | Production Designer: Rious Caliso
Production House: Straight Shooters | Post Production: Engine Room/Optima Digital

The prep time for this board was a bit insane; but I’m glad we pulled it off. This was shot in one day in the Ortigas Center area and the beautiful campus of STI Ortigas-Cainta. Our DOP used a special handheld camera rig (called Brushless Gimbal) that allowed us to execute the smooth movement of from one angle to the other. It looks pretty good!

Client: STI
Director: Chris Martinez | DOP: Gary Gardoce | Assistant Director: Melvin Lee | Production Designer: Nina Torres
Production House: Straight Shooters | Post Production: Engine Room

This was my first time working with a Taiwanese director. This spot was shot in 2 days in 2 schools: DLSU-Dasma and PUP. In a nutshell, the shoots were really quick and relatively painless… just the kind of projects I like.

Client: Johnson & Johnson Philippines | Agency: BBDO Guerrero
Director: Maureen Li | DOP: Ta-Pu Chen | Assistant Director: Pao Han Fang/Randolph Longjas | Production Designer: Adelina Leung
Production House: Straight Shooters | Post Production: Riot

This is the first of many materials for this project. Still waiting for the others to be approved… Anyway, all TVCs were shot in the span of a weekend (Friday to Sunday); and we had a lot of fun doing them.

Client: Unilab | Agency: Publicis JimenezBasic
Director/DOP: Yam Laranas | Assistant Director: Christine Blando/Manman Angsico | Production Designer: Rious Caliso
Production House: Straight Shooters | Post Production: Engine Room/Optima Digital

This project was briefed and prepped in the span of exactly four days, two days of which included Saturday and Sunday. Insane, right? How we were able to pull it off is still a bit of a blur; but despite the challenges of prepping and shooting in a mall during mall hours, I think we did a good job.

Client: SM Supermalls/SMDC | Agency: BBDO Guerrero
Director/DOP: Jorg Schifferer | Assistant Director: James Sales | Production Designer: Marlon Baisac
Production House: Straight Shooters | Post Production: Engine Room

Yup. Another selfie-related project. This was also a commercial that had less than a week of preparation. The main challenge for us was maximizing one location to look like many different vignettes. How long was the shoot? One day. What location? Somewhere in QC. I think the team really pulled it off, don’t you think?

Client: Unilab | Agency: McCann WorldGroup
Director/DOP: Yam Laranas | Assistant Director: Melvin Lee | Production Designer: Butch Garcia
Production House: Straight Shooters | Post Production: Giantsponge Digital


It’s been a while since I shared  some behind the scenes scoop on a project I was part of. Let me remedy that by covering two projects in one entry. Both were shot last February; and both were directed (and lighted) by Yam Laranas.

“Embrace” is a Biogesic for Kids TVC featuring John Lloyd Cruz. The commercial is pretty straightforward and simple; so setting the whole thing up wasn’t hard. The only challenge was keeping the little boy talent focused and alert until 8pm (which was the time we packed up). We shot this in one day in a studio set-up. Production designer: Butch Garcia. Production House: Unitel/Straight Shooters. Post House: Riot Inc..

These aren’t much; but here are some photos from the shoot.

“Sally” is an introductory TVC for Jollibee Ultimate Burger Steak. Compared to “Embrace,” this was a bit more challenging to mount because of its Darna nature. Darna projects are coined as such because we have to make like superheroes and finish everything as soon as possible. This project took us a little over a week from briefing to final presentation of material. That covers meetings, shooting and editing. Needless to say, I was very stressed that particular week. Still, the material turned out great and quality wasn’t sacrificed. I love the food shots in particular. Those took a lot of work and a lot of time to capture!

We had exactly 3 days to prep, with another two days to shoot the material. The first day was shot in Jollibee Lakefront (Sucat). This covered all the in-store scenes and food shots. The second day was done in two different locations (one in The Fort and the other at the Regus offices in Zuelling Building), covering the different vignettes of people ogling at the picture of the meal.

Other credits… Production Designer: Edwin Garcia. Production House: Unitel/Straight Shooters. Post House: Underground Logic.

And here are some behind the scenes snapshots from the project.


And here it is… The BIG project I’ve been talking about for the past few months. It’s finally and officially OUT. Best of all, I can now claim to be PART OF IT!

The song is entitled “Jump In.” This music video was shot over the course of four days — One day for each of the vignettes and one long day for the dancing and singing parts. We shot in picturesque locations and shot with international stars and Jessica Sanchez. This huge project was a challenge to take on; and hopefully, audiences saw the “bigness” in the finish product. After all, putting it together took a lot of physical and mental energy, endless moments of stress and sleepless nights. Whew!

This MTV is for the new Smart Jump In SIM. It’s directed by Filipino-Canadian Marc Andre Debruyne, with director of photography Take Onishi and production designer Rious Caliso. Production house: Straight Shooters Media, Inc. Post house: Engine Room and Optima Digital.


We shot and finished this particular video in less than a week! It was a bit rushed; but I think the outcome is pretty great. Enjoy!


And here’s an exclusive version with movie clips:

And don’t forget to watch “I Do Bidoo Bidoo” opening August 29 in cinemas nationwide!

Music Video Credits:
“Doo Bidoo”
Words and Music by Danny Javier
Original Performance by APO Hiking Society
Performed by Ogie Alcasid
For the movie I DO BIDOO BIDOO
Produced by Studio 5 and Unitel Productions
Director: Pancho Esguerra and Greg Garcia
DOP: Anne Monzon
Production Designer: Trinka Lat
Post Production: Engine Room
Graphics: Blue Rain Multimedia

As a bonus, here are some behind the scenes photos from our shoot.


It’s always hard executing a sports-related board. You need to get in good action shots while telling a story; and to tell the story with kids? That’s even more difficult.

“Luwas” posed this challenge, among others. We had to set up the whole thing as if we were in an international event. There were local and foreign kids, cast of hundreds including foreign extras, a remote location, unpredictable weather… and birds! I will not share all the cheating we did to come up with the finish product; but a combination of different locations, post production and tons of patience, here is a commercial we are truly proud of. This board is for Nestlé Philippines brand Milo. It’s directed by Franco Marinelli, with director of photography Odie Flores and production designer Adelina Leung. Production house: Straight Shooters Media, Inc. Post house: Engine Room and Optima Digital.



This is an advocacy we shot for Gabriela Philippines’ awareness campaign centered on E-VAW or Electronic Violence Against Women. Through music and imagery, this commercial centers on the woman and her plight following a violation of her privacy, her body and her spirit through the posting of scandal videos. It’s called “Hits.”

The director is Paul Alexei, with director of photography Odie Flores and production designer Butch Garcia. Production house: Straight Shooters Media, Inc. Post production: WeLovePost.

Join the fight against scandal videos. Visit for more information.